Wrap-Up From the Kansas Prairie Classic

Keeping every level of exhibitor in mind, the Prairie Classic in Oklahoma City knocked its 2015 show out of the park.

Special to The American Quarter Horse Journal

Ann Elizabeth Tebow and FS Vintage Sidekick at the 2015 Prairie Classic in Oklahoma City (Credit: Meg Tebow) Scroll down to view more photos.

For many exhibitors from mid-America who don’t make the trek to some of the large coastal shows to start off the year, for those who are getting a little bit of a later start, or even for the ones looking for some extra practice and fun between big shows, the Kansas Quarter Horse Association Prairie Classic is a great place to work their way into the new year with their American Quarter Horse.

Held annually in mid-February, and this year from February 11 to 15 at Oklahoma State Fair Park in Oklahoma City, the Prairie Classic has become a beloved tradition for those who attend year after year. Every year the show continues to grow. Though there are smiling faces you expect to see year after year, this year brought with it a lot of new people ready to jump in and join the fun and competition. 

Since it is at the beginning of the year, the Prairie Classic is also a place for new horse-and-rider duos to make their debut. I personally had a great show with my new horse and I know lots of other people did too. The show provides a perfect place to “test the water” as a new team without the pressure that comes with some of the bigger shows.

Show manager Jackie Krshka commented on many aspects of the show, saying they were very pleasantly surprised and happy with the number of new people that attended the show. Entries were up a monumental amount with more than 760 compared to last year. She stated that one of the things that makes the Prairie Classic special is that it isn’t just for the quote-on-quote “big-time riders”; because of the introduction of the AQHA leveling system, just about anyone from beginners to weekend horse show goers can find a place and be successful. 

One thing that exhibitors get to enjoy about the Prairie Classic is that circuit awards are given out not only for the Level 3 classes but for the Level 2 classes as well. Level 3 circuit champions received monogrammed sheets and Level 2 circuit champions earned monogrammed stall bags, quite the treat for the size of the show. 

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As for weather, which, as the past has shown to be a little unpredictable during Quarter Horse shows held at the Oklahoma State Fair Park, Jackie said that other than the last day as everything was winding down, they really could not have asked for better conditions.

While not in the show pen, many of the Oklahoma Quarter Horse Association youth members were busy working away at one of their many fundraisers put on throughout the year. We love getting together at all the shows and can truly say we have met some of our best friends through the AQHA. We had a bake sale set up with tons of amazing homemade goodies that had been donated by our hardworking and always-generous mothers. Exhibitors were able to stop by the booth for a tasty treat between classes and support the future of the industry in the process; sounds like a win-win if you ask me! Our group also laminated numbers to raise money during the show and held a meeting where we were very excited to acquire some new members. We had a very successful weekend raising more than $500 for our organization and want to thank all our generous supports. The Kansas Quarter Horse Association youth put on a very successful bake sale, as well. They, too, would like to thank all their contributors.

Every year, the Prairie Classic falls right around the Valentine’s Day holiday, and for me, personally, I know there is no other way I would want to spend it year after year than with the ones I love the most – my American Quarter Horses.

2015 Prairie Classic Bake Sale (Credit: Meg Tebow)

2015 Kansas Prairie Classic (Credit: Meg Tebow)

2015 Kansas Prairie Classic (Credit: Meg Tebow)

2015 Kansas Prairie Classic (Credit: Meg Tebow)

2015 Prairie Classic (Credit: Meg Tebow)

2015 Kansas Prairie Classic (Credit: Meg Tebow)

2015 Kansas Prairie Classic (Credit: Meg Tebow)