PCQHA Summer Celebration

The show in Rancho Murieta, California, drew almost 4,000 entries thanks to cash, prizes and fun.

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Winning the inaugural PCQHA Summer Celebration 4- & 5-Year-Old Derby and the overall top score in the cow horse was Smart Shiney Pistol, shown by Trent Pedersen for owner Hope Miller. (Credit: Don Trout) Scroll down to view more photos.

The Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association six-judge Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Circuit was a huge success over the Fourth of July weekend at the legendary Murieta Equestrian Center in Rancho Murieta, California. 

With cooler weather, a record number of exhibitors enjoyed a full slate of Quarter Horse classes for cutting, working cow horse, reining, English and western rail, trail and jumping classes. Exhibitors vied for the coveted circuit awards – Silverado silver buckles, custom directors chairs and many other cool prizes. 

Due to the large number of exhibitors, the cutting, cow horse and reining arena did not close until almost 10 p.m. On the rail side, the entries were up with senior trail having 30 horses and the other classes well attended. Show manager Poncie Gimple, of Track One Events said, “We make it fun for exhibitors with a can do attitude and knowledgeable staff,” which made for a smooth-running, professional show environment.

This four-day, six-judge split-combined show attracted exhibitors from all parts of the West Coast. The six-judge format gave exhibitors an opportunity to earn more points in the shorter four-day format. In addition, daily class winners won buckets filled with brushes and products, $10 coupons and circuit winners took home Silverado silver buckles or custom directors chairs. Beautiful custom-tooled leather briefcases, Bob Avila silver spurs and jumbo gear bags were given to the all-around champions.

New for this year were these specialty classes and awards:

2015 Summer Celebration 4- & 5-Year-Old Working Cow Horse Horse Derby, sponsored by Murieta Equestrian Center. This class ran concurrently with junior working cow horse and cutting. Winning a beautiful Silverado silver buckle and $1,000 cash was Smart Shiney Pistol, ridden by Trent Pederson and owned by Hope Miller.

High Score Cow Horse. Winning this and receiving the large Connie Carter custom-made chest/cooler for the Derby was also Smart Shiney Piston, ridden by Trent Pedersen and owned by Hope Miller. Thanks to Connie Carter for donating these extraordinary custom chest/coolers.

High Score Cutting. Winning this and receiving the large Connie Carter custom-made chest/cooler for the Derby was Chics Chairman, ridden by Les Oswald and owned by Jenny Alvarez. Thanks to Connie Carter for donating these extraordinary custom chest/coolers.

Rod Wiemers "High Score Fence Work" Memorial Buckle, sponsored by family and friends of Rod Wiemers. This beautiful Skyline silver buckle was given to the horse with the highest single fence work score of the show. The award was created to honor Rod’s memory. Rod Wiemers was one of California’s legendary cow horse trainers, whose time was cut short doing what he loved in the working cow horse arena. Each year, Rod’s family and friends donate an impressive Skyline silver buckle to honor his love of the cow horse classes. This year’s champion was Real Smooth Cat, ridden by Ken Wold and owned by Dan Perez. Presenting the coveted silver buckle was Rod Wiemers' step-daughter, Jennifer.


Highest Single Reining Score. The champion prize, a custom Connie Carter tack box donated by Darlene Mills was given to the horse with the highest single reining score of the show. Winning this beautiful tack box, along with the silver buckle and directors chair circuit awards for senior and amateur reining was the 2012 AQHA amateur reining world champion, Northwest Whiz, owned by Courtney Boesch.

Fifth Highest Cumulative Trail Score. A special Connie Carter custom-made small chest/cooler, donated by Ron Zanetti (equine insurance specialist) was given to the youth/senior trail or amateur/senior trail or Select amateur/senior trail horse/exhibitor with the fifth highest cumulative score in these combined classes. Winning this beautiful custom cooler was I Wanna Keep Playing with Jennifer Doubrava, trainer, and Isabel Schween, owner.

The American Quarter Horse Journal congratulates the following 2015 Summer Celebration all-around champions, who took home custom-tooled leather briefcases, custom jumbo gear bags and Bob Avila silver spurs!

Level 1 Youth All-Around
Champion – Good N Dynamic and Jordan Schween of Gilroy, California
Reserve – WSR Only Prettier and Colbi Jacobs of Healdsburg, California

Level 1 Amateur All-Around
Champion – Definitely Magic and Tami Read Schween
Reserve – Megan McDonald of San Martin, California

Youth All-Around
Champion – I Wanna Keep Playing and Isabel Schween of Gilroy, California
Reserve – Hope To Be Hot and Brittany Minks of Rancho Cucamonga, California

Amateur All-Around
Champion – The Krymsun Moon and Stephanie Kofu of San Jose, California
Reserve – Simply Mr Sonny and Linda Chilstrom of Diamond Bar, California

Select Amateur All-Around
Champion – Skys Lady In Blue and Caroline French Campbell of San Miguel, California
Reserve – A Certain Aero and Delia Trenbeath of San Juan Capo, California

Open All-Around
Champion – Waiting On A Woman, owned by Nancy Cline of Sonoma, California, and shown by Melissa Zanetti
Reserve – Leanwithitrockwithit, owned by Isabella Nunes of Hilmar, California, and shown by Kristin Brock

Level 1 (Green) Horse All-Around
Champion – Spiffy Goodbar, owned by Jim Stubbs of Gualala, California, and shown by Melissa Zanetti
Reserve – Best Cookie Yet, owned by Sara Cronin of Bradley, California, and shown by Justin Wheeler and Jenn Doubrava

Celebrating its 70th anniversary, PCQHA held its “Why I love PCQHA” membership contest during the show. PCQHA members were asked to text a photo and why they love the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association. Hundreds of loyal PCQHA members shared their fondest horse show memories, along with why they love PCQHA and included special photos if themselves, their horses and horse show famillies. Photos and comments were posted to the Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association Facebook page. The prizes for sharing the love were a Toro Mower or Toro Blower, donated by EquineSavings.com. Cece Campbell, PCQHA Summer Celebration show chair exclaimed, “The prizes, awards, parties, points and sponsors for this show made for a spectacular show for exhibitors – it’s like a summer family holiday!”

Winning the Equine Equipment Savings Toro Leaf Blower was Carol Cocchi, whose dedication to PCQHA includes many years as a loyal PCQHA board member and continues today as she will begin showing in the trail classes with a young horse.
Winning the Equine Equipment Savings Toro Lawn Mower was Laura Kellejian, whose love for PCQHA started 40 years ago as a youth showing at the Quarter Horse shows.

“Equine Equipment Savings is dedicated to helping active participants in the equine world save at the local dealership on Toro, Exmark, Massey-Ferguson, Challenger and Farm Paint. Call 1-877-905-0004 if you are interested in saving on great farm equipment.”

Several hundred exhibitors gathered for the Thursday afternoon PCQHA Welcome Party, where good old fashioned hamburgers, corn, watermelon and wine were served. Sponsored by PCQHA, the party offered a fun way for exhibitors to catch up with old friends, make new friends and relax. Thank you, Pacific Coast Quarter Horse Association for sponsoring this fun party and thank you to Jim Edwards for donating the wine!

Saturday morning, Judy Bonham and Kim Barrington led a large group of youth in a “horsey art experience,” where they provided painting supplies and instruction to create lovely “horse paintings.” Thank you to Judy and Kim for their hard work and creativity in providing such a fun activity for the kids. This was so much fun and over 20 youth participated!

Saturday afternoon, the first ever PCQHA Amateurs & Appetizers party was held. This new group, led by PCQHA director Cathy Hanson is a fun way to bring PCQHA members together, build camaraderie and connect our community. Amateurs brought appetizers to share and enjoyed a glass of wine (thanks to Ron Zanetti). Attendees were asked to complete a survey about amateur activities. After the survey, PCQHA drew for PCQHA membership raffle winners. They also gave away Renew Gold bags of feed. In addition, we surprised Cathy Hanson with a birthday cake to celebrate her special day. PCQHA has an open ear to exhibitors. If you would like to participate in the amateur survey or committee, email annie@pcqha.com.

The final Summer Celebration event, the “Boot Race” and Root Beer floats, organized by Ramona Koch and Debbie Ingersoll, was held Saturday afternoon. Kids lined up and ran as fast as they could in their socks where all the boots were piled up. They had to find their boots, put them on and run back to the starting line. They all had a great time racing around and were thrilled with the great prizes, donated by Doug/Debbie Ingersoll.

Special thanks to our generous sponsors who made this event memorable with their donations and support:

Corporate Sponsor:
EMO Insurance
Arena Sponsors:
Equine Chronicle – Murieta Equestrian Center – Pacific Coast Journal – Renew Gold feed – Santa Cruz Animal Health
RTV Sponsor:
Host Hotel: Holiday Inn, Rancho Cordova
Product Sponsors: Well Horse - Smartpak - Healing Tree - Cowboy Magic - Platinum Performance - Straight Arrow Mane & Tail  - Santa Cruz Animal Health
Marketing & Creative: Close By Creative
Specialty Award & Raffle Sponsors: Silverado Silversmiths – Connie Carter Custom Chest/Coolers - Smart Pak - Rod Wiemers Family – Murieta Equestrian Center – Ron Zanetti, Equine Insurance Specialist – Close By Ranch, Cece & Brad Campbell – Darlene Mills
We are especially grateful to the numerous silver buckle sponsors who made this show such a memorable event for exhibitors and to world class photographer Don and Debbie Trout for sponsoring this event. As always their photos capture the horses and riders at that “magical second.” You can see photos of winners at their website, www.DonTrout.com.

For information about the Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Circuit, visit www.SummerCelebrationShow.com or to become a Summer Celebration sponsor, contact annie@pcqha.com or Cece Campbell, closebyranch@gmail.com.

<imgsrc="~ alt="2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show"> 2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show

I Wanna Keep Playing with Isabel Schween (pictured) and Jenn Doubrava won the fifth-highest trail horse award, winning the beautiful, small Connie Carter” chest cooler, donated by Ron Zanetti, Equine Insurance Specialist.

2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show 2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show

The Rod Wiemers Memorial buckle winner for the High Scoring Fence Work of the show was Real Smooth Cat, owned by Dan Perez and ridden by Ken Wold. This award presented by Rod’s step-daughter, Jennifer.

Ramona Koch

2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show 2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show
2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show 2015 PCQHA Summer Celebration Quarter Horse Show

Winning the PCQHA membership raffle and the Equine Equipment Savings Toro lawn mower prize was longtime PCQHA member, Laura Kellejian.

Northwest Whiz and Courtney Boesch took home all the prizes, winning the High Score Reining custom tack box, sponsored by Darlene Mills, along with the senior reining and amateur reining buckles.