Oregon Summer Classic: June 28

See who claimed high-point, all-around, shootout and sweepstakes wins at the 2015 Oregon Summer Classic in Central Point.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Cody Cowdell showed Smartys Hot Olena to the open working horse all-around title at the 2015 Oregon Summer Classic. (Credit: JournalL) Scroll down to view more photos.

Despite sweltering weather June 22-28 in Central Point, Oregon, the Summer Classic was a lively, week-long affair, and one exhibitors were sad to see come to a close.

Show manager Doug Huls packed the week with fun activities like the impressive Youth Champion of Champions and hilarious Trainer Showmanship classes, Taste of the Rogue Valley exhibitor reception, futurities Wednesday night as well as Saturday, plus the beloved Friday vacation day, where many competitors split to on the Hellgate jet boat trip, Rogue Valley zipline adventure, Rogue River fishing trip or local wineries.

In addition to the AQHA-pointed show, the Oregon Quarter Horse Association also offered special events like:

Ranch Riding Shootout
Champion: Come Back Whiz, a 2003 chestnut stallion (Topsail Whiz-Doc Will See You Now by Doctors Kit), owned by Marine Research Consult of Honolulu, Hawaii, and shown by AQHA Professional Horseman Dale Tingle of Corning, California

Green Western Riding Sweepstakes
Champion: The Daily Show, a 2011 bay gelding (One Hot Krymsun-Show Diva by Good Version), owned by Amanda Katherine Jackson of Poulsbo, Washington, and shown by Mark Jensen of Redmond, Washington

Green Trail Sweepstakes
Champion: Huntin My Zipper, a 2010 chestnut gelding (Hubba Hubba Huntin-Ima Zipper Snipper by Mr Rusty Zipper), owned by Larisa Affeldt of Spokane, Washington, and shown by AQHA Professional Horseman Michael Hoyt of Moorpark, California

The American Quarter Horse Journal congratulates the following high-point and all-around winners from the 2015 Oregon Summer Classic:

Open Working Horse All-Around:
Champion: Smartys Hot Olena, a 2007 sorrel stallion (Smart Request-Ready Hot by Ready San Peppy), owned and shown by Cody Cowdell of Lehi, Utah
Reserve: Just Dual Me, a 2004 chestnut stallion (Dual Peppy-Harley Chic by Dealin Dirty), owned by Dan Fox of Chino, California, and shown by Kurt Pylman of Bend, Oregon
Open Performance Horse All-Around:
Champion: Huntin My Zipper, owned by  Larisa Affeldt and shown by AQHA Professional Horsemen Michael Hoyt and Nancy Renfro
Reserve: The Vital Invitation, a 2006 red roan gelding (Invitation Only-Vital Signs Are Good by Zippos Mr Good Bar), owned by Kathryn Devries of Vacaville, California, and shown by AQHA Professional Horsewoman Kellie Hinely of Ontario, California

Amateur All-Around:
Champion: Kelsey Jung of Farmington, Utah, and Lofty Loper, a 2006 bay gelding (Lazy Loper-Im Platinum Gold by Radical Rodder)
Reserve: Kathryn Devries and The Vital Invitation

Select All-Around:
Champion: Katherine Tobin of Scottsdale, Arizona, and RA Undisputed, a 2006 sorrel gelding (Chips Hot Chocolate-Are You Zipped by Zippo Pine Bar)
Reserve: Linda Coakley of Clearlake, Washington, and Patsys Royal Secret, a 2000 brown gelding (Make My Grey-Patsys Chic by Primero El Randado)      

Level 1 Amateur All-Around:
Champion: Erin McNab of Salem, Oregon, and Unchipped, a 2000 bay gelding (Zips Chocolate Chip-Unbossed by Born A Boss)
Reserve: Emily Hudson of Sebastopol, California, and Eli Investing Wisely, a 2008 sorrel gelding (Investing Wisely-Goodbars Melody by Zippos Mr Good Bar)

Level 1 Select All-Around:
Champion: Doreen Earl of Bellingham, Washington, and Invited To A Party, a 2008 sorrel gelding (Zippos Old Gold-I Came To Play by Invitation Only)
Reserve: Janet Fowler of San Miguel, California, and Snazzys On Fire, a 2005 sorrel gelding (Blazing Hot-MS Poco Van Snazzy by Snazzy Story)

Taylor Searles and Al Be Sweet On You

Youth All-Around:
Champion: Taylor Searles of Scottsdale, Arizona, and Al Be Sweet On You, a 2006 bay gelding (Allocate Your Assets-Sweet Talkin Barbie by Sweet Talkin Chip)
Reserve: Hannah Forbes of Lynwood, Washington, and Hotroddin Ona Harley, a 2006 brown gelding (Radical Rodder-Diamonds And Demin by Zips Chocolate Chip)
Level 1 Youth 13-&-Under All-Around:
Champion: Elsie Naruszewicz of Monroe, Washington, and Made Me Intangible, a 1991 bay gelding (Thee Intangible-Maid Me Sweet by Sweet Sandy Cue)
Reserve: Nadalee Vasquez of Acton, California, and Sleep By Invitation, a 2006 bay gelding (Too Sleepy To Zip-ZF Uptown Girl by Invitation Only)

Level 1 Youth 14-18 All-Around:
Champion: Emma Edwards of Issaquah, Washington, and Oughta Be Western, a 2006 brown gelding (Dress Western-I Oughta Be A Bunny by Iota Invest)
Reserve: Sarah Finkel of Walnut Creek, California, and Some Thing Radical, a 2009 bay gelding (Radical Rodder-Zip Me Some More by Zippo Pine Bar)

Walk-Trot High-Point:                    
Champion: Taylor Hinely of Clovis, California, and Good Zip, a 2001 chestnut gelding (Good Cash Flow-Zip A Lady by Zipnotized)
Reserve: Fendi Dowlearn of Poulsbo, Washington, and Better Than Vegas, a 1998 chestnut gelding (Diversified Bond-Zippos Miss Lucy by Zippos Old Gold)

Trail Saddle:
Champion: Triplicate Pleasure, a 1997 bay gelding (Petite Lord-Trip A Chu by Triple's Image), shown by owner Chelsea Sterling of Capistrano Beach, California, and AQHA Professional Horsewoman Kellie Hinely
Reserve: Heza Radical Zip, a 2005 bay gelding (Radical Rodder-Sonnys Last Zip by Zippo Jack Bar), shown by owner Susan Johns of Paradise Valley, Arizona, and AQHA Professional Horseman Jim Searles

Non-Pro Reining Sweepstakes:
Champion: Katherine Dovenberg of Wilsonville, Oregon, and Soulas Tango, a 2009 sorrel mare (Soula Jule Star-Tangy Cha Cha by Tangys Classy Peppy)
Reserve: Sally Sutherland of Duvall, Washington, and Smoknsmart Chocolate, a 2003 gray mare (Chocolate Chic Olena-Doc Chex My Smoke by Call Me Quick Draw) 

AQHA Level 1/NRHA Rookie Reining Sweepstakes:
Champion: Ron Shatley of Lincoln, California, and Pop Qwiz, a 2007 sorrel gelding (Easy Otie Whiz-MM Tootsie Pop by Lil Ruf Peppy)
Reserve: Kristen Staebler of Klamath Falls, Oregon, and Syno Dyno, a 2007 bay gelding (Shining Freckle-Tuf Fame by Busy Indian)

High-Point Open Rope Horse:
Champion: HA Gypsy Royal, a 2006 sorrel gelding (Starlights Gypsy-Sons Royal Jazabell by Sons Doc), owned by John Krambeer of Rolling Hills Estates, California, and shown by AQHA Professional Horseman  Les Oswald of Oakdale, California
Reserve: Just Dual Me, owned by Dan Fox and shown by Kurt Pylman
High-Point Non-Pro Rope Horse:
Champion: Michael Green of Klamath Falls, Oregon, and Scots Frosty Top, a 2000 buckskin gelding (Scottish Bar Flit-Miss Morning Frost by Frosting On Top)
Reserve: Layton Oswald of Oakdale, California, and Two By Doc 407, a 2007 bay gelding (Shiners Lena Doc-Two By Ten 004 by Alfana 194)

Oregon Member Circuit Awards
Amateur All-Around:
Champion: None Qualified
Reserve: None Qualified
Select All-Around:
Champion: Linda Coakley and Patsys Royal Secret
Reserve: None Qualified

Level 1 Amateur All-Around:
Champion: Erin McNab and Unchipped    
Reserve: Lena Sailor of Albany, Oregon, and Red Hot Options, a 2009 sorrel gelding (Absolute Option-Hot N Chocolate Te by Chips Hot Chocolate)

Top-Three Youth
Aspen Crew of Bend, Oregon, and One Hot Loper, a 2005 sorrel gelding (Blazing Hot-One Classy Loper by At Long Last)
No Others Qualified

Top-Three Level 1 Youth:
Elsie Naruszewicz and Made Me Intangible
Lily Richardson of Duvall, Washington, and Chips Heart, a 2002 chestnut mare (Chips Hot Chocolate-Zippos Queen O Heart by Zippo Pine Bar)

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