Silver Dollar Circuit: March 20

Multiple AQHA Select showmanship world champion Anne Wilson is still using her lucky charms.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Anne Wilson and Laziness (Credit: Journal)

Select amateur showmanship queen Anne Wilson of Dallas believes that everything she does seems to have to do with the number five.

When the Journal learned this about her at the 2014 Adequan Select World Championship Show, Anne was 55 and she told us that her favorite exhibitor number is 555. She had five bands in the forelock of Visible Investment, the gelding she was showing, and she even wrapped the bands five times. She kept the theme going by winning her fifth consecutive world championship in showmanship at the 2014 Adequan Select World.

When we caught up with her at the 2015 Silver Dollar Circuit in Las Vegas, she was wearing her lucky 555 back number and her other “lucky charm” – her beautiful, though heavy, showmanship jacket. (Anne, who had the jacket made, has worn it now for a couple of years. In 2013, she loaned the jacket to show-barn-mate Rebecca Anderson to wear in showmanship at the Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show. The result? Rebecca won the youth showmanship world championship.)

At the 2015 Silver Dollar, Anne was showing her new “project,” Laziness, a 2011 bay gelding by Lazy Loper and out of Suddenly Radical by Radical Rodder. She bought “Sal,” who was bred by Thad Burnight of Omaha, Nebraska, in 2012 at the Reichert Sale.

“I called Sal my Italian stallion … until I gelded him at 2, then he became my Italian gelding,” she jokes. “I wanted a Lazy Loper baby. But in the sale, he went beyond what I thought I could afford, but my husband was bidding and got him for me.”

So what happened to Anne’s longtime showmanship partner, Visible Investment (Investment Asset-Visibly Royal by Sonny Go Royal)?

“I just sold ‘Dudley,’ ” she says. “He’s been purchased by some people who are also in the same barn as I am, so I still get to see Dudley. He’s happy.”

In fact, Dudley and one of his new owners, Thomas “Jakob” Garner of Covington, Georgia, were just a few slots behind Anne and Sal in Select amateur showmanship at the Silver Dollar Circuit.

So, with her lucky numbers, her lucky jacket and her new horse, Anne is back on the show road, hunting Select amateur showmanship championship No. 6.

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