Silver Dollar Circuit Strikes Gold

The highly popular Las Vegas circuit grows by leaps and bounds in 2015 with more than 10,000 entries.

Special to The American Quarter Horse Journal

Brittany Lofton Morgan, Michael Brophy and Tyler Schultz at the 2015 Silver Dollar Circuit. (Credit: Delores Kuhlwein) Scroll down to the slideshow to view more photos.

It may have been no coincidence that the 2015 Silver Dollar Circuit struck it rich in Las Vegas March 17-22. Holding the show at the South Point Equestrian Center, which has been newly expanded, at a destination location like Las Vegas, paid off this year with more than 10,000 entries and an increase of 32 percent in stalls from 2014.  

“One of the things people like best about the show here is that it’s all one facility, and they never have to leave,” explains the mastermind behind the success, Jan Bruner, the show’s producer since 1997.  “They have access to four indoor climate-controlled arenas, a large outdoor arena, outdoor longeing pens, a feed store, veterinarian and farrier in the 500,000-square feet of dedicated equestrian center.” 

The all-in-one piece of paradise enticed exhibitors for the 10th year in a row with its resort-style rooms, great dining, 15 movie theaters, bowling alley, childcare, and casino nightlife.  

“I love the fact you can go straight from your hotel room to the equestrian area,” says amateur Brittany Lofton Morgan, who won the amateur overall high-point title.   

This year, Bruner credits elements like a “dream team” staff, plus leveling, the addition of paid individual warm-ups, added-money futurities and fabulous sponsors for the additional wave of smiling exhibitors.   The abundance of awards was just icing on the cake for exhibitors.  

“They have great judges, it’s very well run and the awards are fabulous,” Lofton adds. “I love the random awards like cash – there are show many shows you go to and you’re working hard and you get nothing to show for it. It’s a lot of fun and it’s definitely one of my favorite shows of the season!”

This year’s high-point exhibitors went home with some terrific prizes, too, sponsored in part by HCF Electric Scooters, Blue Ribbon Saddles, Scottsdale Western World, Woods Western, Barbara’s Custom Hats, Showtime Show Clothing:

Senior High-Point Horse
Champion – Blazinmytroublesaway, a 2007 palomino mare (Blazing Hot-Really In Trouble by Trouble In Town), owned by Rusty and Katie Green of Pilot Point, Texas
Reserve – Elis A Sleepin, a 2006 black gelding (Too Sleepy To Zip-Vested Investment by Investment Asset), owned by Carol L. Thomsen of Nicolaus, California

Level 2 Senior High-Point Horse
Champion – Invite Me Some More, a 2008 bay gelding (The Invitation-Zip Me Some More by Zippo Pine Bar), owned by Evon Werner of Rancho Santa Fe, California
Reserve – Elis A Sleepin, owned by Carol L. Thomsen

Junior High-Point Horse
Champion – Aint Gota Lot, a 2010 bay gelding (Gota Lota Potential-Zips Fancy Fashion by Zippo Jack Bar), owned by Belik Family Trust of Murrieta, California
Reserve – Huntin My Zipper, a 2010 chestnut gelding (Hubba Hubba Huntin-Ima Zipper Snipper by Mr Rusty Zipper), owned by Larisa Affeldt of Spokane, Washington

Level 2 Junior High-Point Horse
Champion – Just Roll With It, a 2011 bay gelding (Certain Potential-Zipped Tight by Zippo Pine Bar), owned by Susan Wilson of Ramona, California
Reserve – A Chrome Cookie, a 2011 sorrel gelding (RL Best Of Sudden-A Good Cookie by Zippos Mr Good Bar), owned by Alexandra Chavez of Paradise Valley, California

Level 1 High-Point Horse
Champion – A Chrome Cookie, owned by Alexandra Chavez
Reserve – Huntin My Zipper, owned by Larisa Affeldt

Select Amateur High-Point
Champion – Dan Yeager of Dallas and Cee Money, a 2009 brown gelding (Watch My Potential-Im One Tuff Cookie by Zips Chocolate Chip)
Reserve – Linda Coakley of Clearlake, Washington, and Patsys Royal Secret, a 2000 brown gelding (Make My Grey-Patsys Chic by Primero El Randado)

Level 2 Select High-Point
Champion – Bonnie Elber of Phoenix and Zip Past The Jag, a 2000 sorrel mare (Zippo Jack Bar-Docs Lil Zippo by Zippo Pine Bar)
Reserve – Deborah Shatley of Lincoln, California, and Heckuva Hotrod, a 1998 bay gelding (Hot Pretense-Zippos Classy Two by Zippo Pine Bar)

Amateur Overall High-Point
Champion – Brittany Lofton Morgan of Westmorland, California, and Huntin For Fun, a 2003 chesnut gelding (Huntin For Chocolate-Pass The Tee by Barpasser)
Reserve – Caroline Ammons of Englewood, Colorado, and Ginnin, a 2002 gray gelding (Radical Rodder-Ginnie Me Flash by Flashy Zipper)

Level 2 Amateur High Point
Champion – Alexandra Chavez of Paradise Valley, Arizona, and Only in Showbiz, a 2007 brown gelding (Invitation Only-Show Diva by Good Version)
Reserve – Stephanie Kofu of San Jose, California, and The Krymsun Moon, a 2007 brown gelding (One Hot Krymsun-Zippo By Moonlight by Zippo Pine Bar)

Level 1 (Novice) Amateur High-Point
Champion – Erin McNab of Salem, Oregon, and Unchipped, a 2000 bay gelding (Zips Chocolate Chip-Unbossed by Born A Boss)
Reserve – Brianna Haeckl of Vista, California, and Good Time Cruzin, a 2007 bay gelding (Good Time To Shine-Miss Barpasser by Barpassers Best)

Youth 14-18 Overall High-Point
Champion – Livvie Van Lanen of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and All But Sudden, a 2007 bay gelding (RL Best Of Sudden-Fannie Mae Flash by Flashy Zipper)
Reserve – Deanna Green of Pilot Point, Texas, and Blazinmytroublesaway, a 2007 palomino mare (Blazing Hot-Really In Trouble by Trouble In Town)

Level 2 Youth 14-18 High-Point
Champion – Shayley Beaton and Tommy Lee Loper, a 2006 sorrel gelding (Time To Zip It Up-Shawne Treasure by Shawne Lake)
Reserve – Hannah Forbes of Brier, Washington, and Hotroddin Ona Harley, a 2006 brown gelding (Radical Rodder-Diamonds And Demin by Zips Chocolate Chip)

13-&-Under Youth High-Point
Champion – Shea Graham of Cave Creek, Arizona, and Lets Talk About AOK, a 2000 bay gelding (Sweet Talkin Chip-Hot Spiced Rum by TNT Fluid Fred)
Reserve – Emily Maul of Fort Collins, Colorado, and Only Temptation, a 2010 gray gelding (Invitation Only-Goodbars Glamourgirl by Zippos Mr Good Bar)

Level 1 (Novice) Youth High-Point
Champion – Kaylie Banks of Coos Bay, Oregon, and Selection So Gold, a 2006 chestnut mare (Selection So Simple-Zippos Moon Slipper by Zippos Old Gold)
Reserve – Courtney Coombs of Yorba Linda, California, and Dont Skip Trouble, a 2000 sorrel gelding (Dont Skip Zip-Addicted To Trouble by Trouble In Town)

Walk-Trot 11-&-Under High-Point 
Champion – Jenna Miller of Bothell, Washington, and Always Good N Blonde, a 2005 palomino mare (Zippo Straight To You-Shes Always Good by Good Asset)
Reserve – Madison Wachtel of Deeth, Nevada, and Scotchs Nick of Time, a 1997 sorrel gelding (Scotch Bar Time-Sugar Dolphin by Mr Showdown Sugar)

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