Ranch Horses Put Their Best Hooves Forward

Exhibitors bring their ranch horses to compete for world championships at the Stock Horse of Texas World Finals.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Exhibitors brought their best ranch horses to town October 30 for the first day of the 2015 SHOT World Finals.


SHOT, also known as Stock Horse of Texas, offers exhibitors the chance to compete in four classes in six divisions.


Despite a deluge that sent sheets of water into the outdoor warm-up arenas, contestants rode their horses in reining, ranch pleasure, ranch trail and cow work classes.


While the finals October 30-31 in Abilene, Texas, are part of SHOT’s series leading to a year-end champion, the two-day finals will end with the crowning of six world champions.


Collegiate champions will also be named, as well as all-around winners for each day.