Four Teams Advance in NCEA National Championship

Four teams move on to the National Collegiate Equestrian Association's quarter finals after a day of close competition.

For The American Quarter Horse Journal

“He is fantastic, a really fun ride” exclaims a grinning rider as she walks out of the arena after completing her semi-final ride at the NCEA National Championship. Her smile says it all as she compliments her horse and receives congratulatory cheers from her team mates.

It’s the theme of the NCEA National Championships; teamwork and a love of the horse. These are the driving forces that have compelled athletes from twelve different universities to fight for the national title this week in Waco, TX at the NCEA National Championship. Only eight teams remained this morning as the quarter finals began.

The day started off with a tie in both the equitation on the flat and reining competitions between Texas A&M and Oklahoma State University. After staying neck to neck in the points all morning, Texas A&M gained a lead in the horsemanship and fences portion to finish the day with a score of 11-5. Texas A&M will face off against Georgia tomorrow after their 12-4 win over SMU. The Georgia Bulldogs clinched all four of the horsemanship points and three of the reining points to gain the advantage over the SMU mustangs.

TCU trailed Baylor all day and then won the final three horsemanship points to tie the score 8-8. Determined by the raw scores, TCU won the tie breaker and will continue on to face Auburn tomorrow in the semifinals. Auburn beat Kansas State 15-1 for the chance to advance to the semifinals.

A year of hard work, memories and team work comes together for the remaining four teams as they head into the final day of the NCEA National Championships. The morning will kick off with the semifinals and will culminate in the final two teams battling for the championship in an exciting finale tomorrow afternoon.

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