2016 NCHA Super Stakes

Kenneth Platt and Moms Stylish Player win the National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes for owner Robert Tregemba.

Special to the American Quarter Horse Journal

Kenneth Platt rides Moms Stylish Player to a win at the National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes for owner Robert Tregemba of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Kenneth Platt rides Moms Stylish Player to a win at the National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes for owner Robert Tregemba of Castle Rock, Colorado. (Bridget Kirkwood photo)

The sound of the buzzer gave Kenneth Platt nothing but joy April 16 at the National Cutting Horse Association Super Stakes.

Kenneth marked a 228 on Moms Stylish Player to win his first open championship.

Having cut two challenging cows because they were in a good position to get cut, Kenneth went looking for his third one on the advice of his corner man, Grant Setnicka.

“That last cow scared me to death. I’m pretty sure I about had a heart attack,” Kenneth said of the cow that clinched the win but also threatened to take it away from him. “I'm really glad the buzzer went off there at the end,”

Kenneth and his third cow were each in a race with the timer. Luckily for Kenneth, time was faster than the cow.

“I didn’t know if the buzzer had ran out because I couldn’t hear at the end there (due to the cheering) but I thought it had and I started to get pretty excited.”

Moms Stylish Player is by Lizzys Gotta Player and out of Moms Stylish Babe by Docs Stylish Oak. He was bred by Drummond Land and Cattle Co. of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, and is owned by Robert D. Tregemba of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Kenneth and the 2012 bay gelding marked the high score of the first-go round – a 226 and then backed it up in the second-go round of 219. With the highest cumulative score going in to the semifinals, they again dominated the field with a 223.

“I marked those big scores in the go-rounds but it wasn’t because I necessarily over-showed him or cut too much cow for him, I just showed him to get through the runs,” Kenneth said. “Before I went down there tonight for the finals, Grant gave me a little pep talk and said, ‘Listen, show like you’ve been showing in the go-rounds’ and I just went and tried to show him through a good run.”

Kenneth described his help team, comprised of Setnicka, T.J. Good, Lloyd Cox and Clay Johnson, as being outstanding.

“I really can’t say enough about them, they’ve been exceptional, and my wife Rebecca, too, because she really had him prepared.”

Kenneth was the 2010 NCHA Futurity limited open champion on Downtown Smarts. While he has made six semifinals in Will Rogers Coliseum, this was his first time to make it through to the finals.

“Every time I’ve drawn bad in the semis or I’ve had a good horse but not good enough and I’ve marked a (2)14 or something like that. Tonight, I was just thrilled to make the finals - everyone says that but I really mean it. It’s something that I haven’t been able to do. Then to have as good a go-rounds on this horse as we did and for him to come together for me in the finals, I was really grateful for that. The rest of this was just gravy and it’s great.”

Kenneth opted not to buy Moms Stylish Player as a yearling, even though he had a feeling that the gelding was going to be a great horse, because of his small size.. Lawson Hadlock picked “Sprout” up instead and then gave Kenneth the opportunity to try him as a 2-year-old.

“When I watched him, Lawson had done a good job with him and he looked really good and real broke and all that but I wasn’t really impressed with what I saw,” Kenneth said. “Then when I rode him, I felt something in him that was different. He's been a tough horse to train – it hasn't been a battle but he sure had to get trained every day – but it’s paid me back here in the last couple of months and I'm real happy with him.”

They made the open semifinals of the 2015 NCHA Futurity, but the Super Stakes win is the first NCHA Triple Crown win for either Platt or Tregemba.

The winner’s check was $91,969.