2016 Merial AQHA Region Six Championships: July 16

Region Six Championships adds Equestrians With Disabilities class to 2016 show.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Kimberley Van Atten receives congratulations from her trainer, Charlene McDonald, after the Equestrians With Disabilities class. (Journal Photo)

Day 2 of the 2016 Merial AQHA Region Six Championships kicked off bright and early with a full slate of halter classes.

“The numbers are really good here and the day is going well so far,” said judge Tracy Willis from Kingston, Missouri.

Halter, western pleasure, horsemanship, western riding and ranch riding were scheduled for the day.

“We’re thrilled that we’re seeing familiar and new faces here, it’s always a great feeling for show management to see a good turnout,” said Cory Welch, vice president of Region 6.

The day’s events included an AQHA Equestrians With Disabilities class. Two entries participated in the event, which was included the show line-up beginning in 2015, thanks to Jeremy Mimitz of Skyz The Limit Performance Horses in South Windsor, Connecticut.

“Offering this class as part of the regional championship shows that our region is supporting and promoting AQHA’s EWD classes,” he said.

“I teach several students with disabilities and I love the joy my clients get out of riding,” said Charlene McDonald of Quarter Ridge Farm in Westboro, Massachusett. “The horses never judge the riders.”

The future looks bright for the Region Six show. Nearly 15 leadline entries filled the arena.

“These kids are our future,” said Welch.

Sunday was the final day of competition at the regional championship show. Exhibitors competed in trail, pole bending and barrel racing. At the conclusion of the show, Level 1 all-around winners were announced for 13-&-Under, 14-18 and the amateur divisions. Check back for the list of winners.