A Day of Cutting

The 2016 American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup gets under way with two cutting competitions.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

While spectators bundled up against the chill, exhibitors at the 2016 American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup got down to business June 26 in the cutting arena.

Thirteen teams are representing their countries on Australian-bred American Quarter Horses that they have never ridden before – catch rides that can lead to glory.

Two full cutting shows followed a morning of clinics led by two of Australia’s most accomplished cutting trainers, Dean Holden and Steve Byrne, at the Australian Equine & Livestock Events Center in Tamworth, New South Wales.

The event began June 23 and concludes July 3.


Teams are announced
Teams march behind their countries' flags in opening ceremonies.
Team members blog about their experiences.
Team USA takes first two golds.