2017 NCEA Semi-Finals Coverage April 14

Four schools advance to the semi-finals round.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

The NCEA National Championships kicked off April 14, in Waco, Texas with four teams advancing to face off against the top four seeded teams. Student athletes from the top 12 schools traveled to Waco with the hopes of taking home the national championship.

The National Collegiate Equestrian Association (NCEA) is a unique opportunity for young riders to develop as athletes and equestrians. Schools face off in head-to-head meets where four riders from each team compete in reining, horsemanship, equitation on the flat and equitation over fences. Riders are given a brief warm up on a horse before competing in their respective event. After their ride, a rider from the opposing team is given the same opportunity to compete for a point.

The action started early in Friday's semi-final round as Baylor took on TCU and Oklahoma State faced off against Texas A&M in the reining. Baylor and TCU split the points with a high score coming from Baylor’s Ginger Chant with a 137.5 on Mac.

Texas A&M took an early lead against Oklahoma State earning three of four points with an additional tie. Haley Franc scored a high score of a 139.5 to Alexa Beaty’s 0. The domination continued for Texas A&M in horsemanship with an additional four points. Oklahoma picked up a point with Jorden Davis in equitation over fences to finish on a score of 12 – 1.

Texas A&M faces off against TCU Saturday after TCU narrowly bested Baylor in a close battle in the equitation on the flat arena.

Auburn bested the South Carolina 12 – 4, winning all eight hunt seat points. The South Carolina gamecocks picked up three points in horsemanship with high scores of 150s from Ashley Reichert and Maddie Thiel.

Auburn faces off against Georgia. Georgia defeated Fresno State 12-3. Georgia picked up three points in each horsemanship and reining with standout wins going to Payton Anderson and Bailey Anderson in horsemanship.

The battle continues Saturday, April 15, as the team’s get one step closer to the 2017 NCEA National Championship title.