April American Quarter Horse Journal

The 2013 AQHA high-point winners are honored in the April Journal. Read the digital edition and the high-point digital supplement for free this month.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

For most, it’s a long, hard road to an AQHA year-end high-point title. Miles and miles down asphalt interstates. Night after night sleeping in hotels or living quarters trailers. Show after show of perfection in the pen. Ending the year with a high-point title in hand is no small feat.

That’s why the April issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal is dedicated to these champions. And to honor the multitude of high-point winners, the digital edition of the April Journal features a separate high-point supplement. This month, the digital edition of both the April Journal and the high-point supplement are free. 

Whether you’re a die-hard competitor, recreational rider, or even just a horse breeder, you’ll enjoy the articles in the April American Quarter Horse Journal.

  • “Hold Your Reins Right!” teaches you how to hold your English and western reins correctly.
  • “The Core Five” lays out the five vaccines your horse must have.
  • “Borrow a Trainer” features AQHA Professional Horsewoman Charlene Carter’s advice for how to control your horse’s shoulders from the ground.
  • “Sleep Tight” shares seven ways to stretch your horse-bedding budget.
  • “11 Money-Saving Secrets” divulges thrifty tips to keep horse-showing expenses in check.
  • “Making Cow Horses” follows trainers Matt Koch and Chance O’Neal as they work their 3-year-old prospects.
  • “Hoof in Detail: Easy Evaluation” tours the healthy equine foot.
  • “Mother’s Milk and More” dives into the importance of creep feeding and creep-feeding techniques for various sizes of breeding operations.
  • “A Level Playing Field” explains readers how AQHA keeps competition fair.
  • “Medications Rule” looks at the progress being made on the more serious issues facing American Quarter Horse racing.
  • “Farnam All-Around Amateur” highlights Whitney Walquist-Vicars and Southwestern Gunman’s path to the coveted year-end award.
  • “Markel All-Around Youth” focuses on Ellexxah Maxwell’s road to victory with Zips Bossy Chip.
  • “Farnam All-Around Junior Horse” features the teamwork that propelled A Sudden Illusion to the year-end title.
  • “Farnam All-Around Senior Horse” looks at Romancing The Chics’ fairy-tale year.
  • “2013 AQHA High-Point Winners” displays the year-end champions in the Journal high-point supplement
  • Journal Family: Deborah Weisheim” introduces you to a hard-working AQHA exhibitor from Las Vegas.
  • “Barn Babies” touts the newest additions to our readers’ herds.
  • “Subscriber Snapshots” shows off reader-submitted photos from around the AQHA show scene. 

The American Quarter Horse Journal is as versatile as the breed. A subscription to the Journal includes both print and digital, and the digital edition of the Journal features bonus content, such as video and slide shows. 

Want to see what you’re missing? Test drive the free April Journal and Journal high-point supplement by downloading the free Journal app to your smartphone or tablet or accessing the Journal digital edition from your computer.