The American Quarter Horse Journal

The February American Quarter Horse Journal features breeders from around the globe raising the world’s most versatile horse.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

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No matter the state, time zone, country or hemisphere, American Quarter Horses can be counted on as the best partners for any job.

Over the decades, American Quarter Horse breeders have dedicated their livelihoods to raising those hard-working horses. So as foals are hitting the ground, the February American Quarter Horse Journal tips its hat to the breeders. 

  • “Celebrating 50 Years of Breeding Quarter Horses” honors the AQHA 50-year cumulative breeders who were recognized in 2013, and features video highlights from the awards presentation in the Journal digital edition. These are the breeders who have committed their lives to maintaining the integrity of the American Quarter Horse.
  • “Just Another Day” is a behind-the-scenes look at AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder Center Ranch. Not surprisingly, an average day at the Texas ranch involves cutting, cattle and Quarter Horses. 
  • “Kiwi Quarters” takes readers to New Zealand’s North Island, where the Robinson family breeds Quarter Horses for ranch work, and includes a slideshow of bonus photos in the digital Journal
  • “Home-Grown” features the Dikoffs of South Dakota, yet another family raising American Quarter Horses for jobs on the ranch. However, the Dikoffs are the sort who also like to take their horses to town for a spin around the all-around show pen.
  • “A Tale of Two Thomisons” catches up with Oscar Thomison, son of legendary horseman, horse trader and breeder Sonny Thomison. 
  • Hoof in Detail: Mechanical Marvel” continues the Journal’s mission to educate horse owners on the importance of correct conformation, this time focusing on the healthy hoof. 
  • “Old Maids” gives horse breeders an in-depth look at the unique reproductive challenges of older maiden mares.
  • “10 Foaling Tips” helps breeders get a leg up on foaling season with life-saving advice, plus contains a bonus video with foaling tips in the digital Journal.

While breeding American Quarter Horses is certainly an important part of the equation, the February Journal includes quite a bit of education for competitive horsemen.

  • “Borrow a Trainer” features AQHA Professional Horseman Ryan Cottingim’s training advice as the world champion shows readers how to school against a horse’s tendency to anticipate, and the digital Journalincludes a one-on-one interview with Ryan.
  • “Nervous? Me?” offers tips on how to manage pre-competition jitters.
  • “The Road to Reno” returns for the final part of a two-part series, where esteemed trainers John Ward, Sandy Collier, Jon Roeser and Tucker Robinson explain how 3-year-old horses must put in hard work before the National Reined Cow Horse Association Snaffle Bit Futurity. 
  • “Fit for Competition” shows readers exactly how to get the right fit for their helmets, which is especially imperative for youth English exhibitors.
  • “Stay in Show Shape” features fitness expert and equestrienne Monica Brant, who demonstrates five exercises readers can try right in their barn aisles to maintain their riding fitness.
  • “Dear Rookies … ” dishes out tips from amateur Emily Jo Starkey Peak, who advises competitors on how to make the most out of their first trip to an AQHA world championship show.
  • Journal Family” sits down with retired U.S. Navy officer Kimberly Rupp, who now enjoys motherhood and showing her American Quarter Horse. 
  • “Prosperous Futurities” catches up with the winners of the National Reining Horse and National Cutting Horse association futurities.  

The American Quarter Horse Journal is as versatile as the breed. A subscription to the Journal includes both print and digital, and the digital edition of the Journal features bonus content, such as video and slide shows. 

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