Add Value to Your American Quarter Horse

Breeding to an AQHA Incentive Fund-nominated stallion is an investment in the resulting American Quarter Horse foal.

American Quarter Horse Association

The ability to participate in the AQHA Incentive Fund makes your foal – your American Quarter Horse – all the more marketable. (Kelley Graphics photo)

It’s a competitive world out there. To give upcoming foals a leg up on the competition, start with a sire nominated to the American Quarter Horse Association Incentive Fund.

For a foal to be enrolled in the AQHA Incentive Fund, the foal’s sire must first be nominated to the program. To make life easier on mare owners, the December, January and February editions of The American Quarter Horse Journal feature a list of all current Incentive Fund-nominated stallions, as well as a special advertising section spotlighting those American Quarter Horse stallions.

“Breeders looking to breed their mares to stallions supporting the Incentive Fund program can pick up a copy of the Journal, the most-trusted source of information for American Quarter Horse breeders,” said AQHA Executive Vice President Don Treadway Jr. “This special Journal advertising section is yet another way AQHA markets the stallions that support the Incentive Fund.”

AQHA offers another means for mare owners to find Incentive Fund-nominated stallions: the free online AQHA stallion directory, available at

Although the Incentive Fund is owned, managed and operated by AQHA, the success of the multimillion-dollar program is based entirely on participation from stallion and foal nominators, plus owners of competing horses who have filed annual competition licenses. Stated simply, the more money that is paid into the program equals a greater pay back per point.  

“The AQHA Incentive Fund is the richest show-based incentive program we’re aware of,” Treadway added.

“Not only does participation in the Incentive Fund support the program’s longevity and success, but it is also a return on your investment in your horse,” Treadway said. “The ability to participate in the Incentive Fund makes your foal – your American Quarter Horse – all the more marketable. And in the competitive world we live in, the more marketable a horse is, the more we can ensure that his future is bright.”    

To find an Incentive Fund-nominated stallion, check out the Incentive Fund stallion section of the December, January and February American Quarter Horse Journals. The latest edition of the Journal can be accessed digitally at, meaning new subscribers don’t have to wait until the print copy arrives before they can enjoy the current issue.

Visit to access the Incentive Fund-nominated stallion directory, which is organized by state, province and country. AQHA Customer Service is also available at 806-376-4811 to verify if an American Quarter Horse stallion is currently nominated to the Incentive Fund.

To learn more about the Incentive Fund, visit

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