July American Quarter Horse Journal

Get horse-training tips, plus advice to use around the barn in the July American Quarter Horse Journal.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Every year, the staff of The American Quarter Horse Journal dedicates the July issue to the industry’s future: youth. The youth-inspired articles in this year’s July Journal include:

  • “Teacher and Student” explains how the AQHA Ranching Heritage Young Horse Development Program pairs young people with weanlings for the chance both to learn and teach.
  • “Keeping the Peace” discusses the prevention of show-ring jealously between siblings.
  • “Take Me Riding” introduces you to the new AQHA program aimed at connecting young kids to horses.
  • “Primed for Success” follows the success of Austin Halvorson and his start in AQHYA.
  • “Youth Bucket Lists” details what today’s youth hope to do before they transition to amateur.
  • Journal Family: Jaymee Carruth” introduces you to Jaymee Carruth, a youth exhibitor from Enterprise, Mississippi.

Every issue of the magazine is written to be as versatile as the breed it serves. With that in mind, here’s a look some more articles included in the July Journal

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  • “Pole Practice” demonstrates how to tackle ground poles in trail, western riding and ranch horse pleasure.
  • “Trailer Hitches” reminds you what you need to know liability-wise before loaning trailer to someone.
  • “12 Tricks to Use on the Trails” rounds up 12 tips for successful and safe trail rides.
  • “Hoof in Detail: Contracted and Pushed Up Heels” teaches you to identify and manage these common horse hoof maladies.
  • “Borrow a Trainer” shows you how to fine-tune your horse over trail obstacles with just eight poles, with advice from AQHA Professional Horseman and judge Kelly McDowall.
  • “Nikeela Black” gives you a look into the life of a woman juggling her two jobs as a lawyer and a jockey.
  • “Legends: January Investment” showcases a mare who left her mark on the all-around industry as an enviable broodmare
  • .“Correct Fit: English Curb Chain” provides helpful pointers from AQHA Professional Horsewoman Lynn Palm for common tack problems and errors in English classes.
  • “Ranch Safety” provides methods to keep your American Quarter Horse safe on the ranch.
  • “A Solid Ride” looks at how ranch horse sales are a foundation of the industry.
  • “In a Nutshell” explains the rule changes that were approved by the AQHA Executive Committee at its April meeting.
  • “Making Cow Horses” follows the training of two 3-year-old prospects on the path to a Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge.
  • “Reining in Kentucky” recaps the Kentucky Reining Cup and the highlights of the event.
  • “Down the Fence” shares the story of a movie, currently being made, about the disappearing style of horsemanship and the people who love the American Quarter Horse.
  • “Latin American Championships” shares the competition for buckles and bragging rights at the third Latin American Championships.

The American Quarter Horse Journal is as versatile as the breed. A subscription to the Journal includes both print and digital, and the digital edition of the Journal features bonus content, such as video and slide shows. 

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