March American Quarter Horse Journal

Get ready for spring with horse-training and -breeding articles in the March American Quarter Horse Journal.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Whether you believe the groundhog’s prediction or you have your own theory on when winter will release its hold, spring is approaching.

It’s the season that marks the start of a horsemen’s time in paradise: longer days for lots more riding, show season getting underway and frisky foals romping through the fields. 

Whether you’re a recreational rider or a show warrior, or even just a horse breeder, you’ll enjoy the articles in the March American Quarter Horse Journal.

  • “Trot On” features AQHA Professional Horsewoman Julie Goodnight’s advice that helps readers fine tune their feel at the sitting or posting trot.
  • “Spring Training” takes horsemen back to basics with 10 horse-training tips.
  • “Borrow a Trainer” explains what AQHA Professional Horsewoman Michelle Just-Williams means when riders need to seek an “elastic” back.
  • “Making Cow Horses” follows 3-year-olds trained by professionals Matt Koch and Chance O’Neal as they prepare for Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenges.
  • “Outside the Ring” gives parents a gaggle of ideas to keep their children entertained at horse shows when the kids aren’t showing.
  • “Hoof in Detail: Basic Biomechanics” takes a look at how the healthy hoof functions. 
  • “Take a Look Before You Throw It Away” dives into the subject of placenta evaluation, a window to in-utero health for mares and newborn foals.
  • “Welcome to the Hall” introduces readers to the five horses and four men being inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame this month. 
  • Journal Family: Angie and Brant Moore” features a pair of cowboy mounted shooting competitors from Amarillo.
  • “Welcome, No. 50” highlights the achievements of Gotta Good Habit, the 50th open AQHA Supreme Champion. 
  • “Subscriber Snapshots” puts photos submitted by readers on display, cataloging the fun to be had on the horse-show trail. 
  • “Crowned Champion” presents Last To Fire, the 2013 world champion racing American Quarter Horse.

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