June American Quarter Horse Journal

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The American Quarter Horse Journal

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With each issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal, the Journal staff aims for the magazine to be as versatile as the breed it serves. With that in mind, here’s a look at the articles included in the June Journal

Your options for reading the Journal are just as versatile. Try the digital edition, mobile app and print formats. Visit www.aqha.com/journal to explore your options.

  • “Correct Fit: English Half Pad” sets you up with helpful pointers for common tack problems and errors in English classes.
  • “Walk Before You Run” explains how to prevent soft-tissue injuries in the all-around horse by longeing and riding responsibly.
  • “Rising to the Challenge” demonstrates how to introduce your horse to an AQHA Trail Challenge obstacle course with tips from AQHA Professional Horsewoman Lynn Palm. 
  • “Here’s a Tip” connects the dots between Triple Crown hopeful California Chrome and his American Quarter Horse cohorts.
  • “The Quarter System” shows you where you should be when the judging is looking at your horse in a halter or showmanship class.
  • “Round Time” discusses how using a round-bale feeder saves time and money.
  • “Down in the Valley, Up on the Range” takes you to eastern Washington, where AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder Longhorn Cattle Co. raises the hardiest stock they can: Longhorn cattle and American Quarter Horses. The digital Journalincludes bonus video content.
  • “10 Practical Tips for Horse Training” rounds up insightful training wisdom useful to any horseman. 
  • “Fix It With Flat?” looks at how show management is sparking interest from exhibitors with flat-fee shows.
  • “Hoof in Detail: Crushed Heels” teaches you about this common concern for the cornerstone of the hoof.
  • “Hello, China” introduces you to AQHA’s newest affiliate as American Quarter Horses continue to grow in popularity around the world, and in the digital Journal, listen as AQHA Professional Horsewoman Traci Johnting teaches you how to speak barrel racing lingo in Chinese.
  • Journal Family: Laurie Hughes” highlights a do-it-herself horsewoman from Snohomish, Washington, who doesn’t slouch from competition, be it AQHA Trail Challenges, cowboy mounted shooting or reining.
  • “A Moo-ving Good Time” features the exhibitors who threw down at the inaugural Zoetis AQHA Cattle Novice Championship. 
  • “Where Are They Now?” meets up with former AQHA World Championship Show Sale horses that are helping their new owners live out their dreams. 
  • “Making Cow Horses” follows up with trainers Matt Koch and Chance O’Neal and their 3-year-old cow horse prospects. 
  • “Clark Parker” toasts the 2013 Don Burt Professional’s Choice Professional Horseman of the Year. 
  • “Kelley Roberts” showcases the inspiring 2013 Professional’s Choice AQHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year. 

The American Quarter Horse Journal is as versatile as the breed. A subscription to the Journal includes both print and digital, and the digital edition of the Journal features bonus content, such as video and slide shows. 

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