More Vesicular Stomatitis Cases in Texas

As of July 3, an additional case of vesicular stomatitis has been identified in Texas, and some states are imposing travel restrictions.

Texas Animal Health Commission

The Texas Animal Health Commission has received confirmation of a second case of vesicular stomatitis in a horse in Nueces County in south Texas. The premises is located 10.2 miles south of Mathis, Texs. To date, seven premises in four Texas counties have been confirmed with VS.
On May 28, the TAHC announced confirmation of the nation's first case of VS this year in Kinney County, Texas, (southeast of Del Rio.)

Two additional cases of VS in horses in Hidalgo County in south Texas were announced June 5 and 9. One premises was located approximately 24 miles northwest of Edinburg. The other premises was located three miles northwest of Edinburg.
On June 17, two new cases of VS were confirmed in horses in San Patricio County in south Texas. One premises is located approximately 7.5 miles southeast of Mathis. The other premises is located approximately 7 miles southeast of Mathis.
On June 20, a single case of VS was announced in Nueces County. The premises is located 10 miles south of Mathis, Texas.

All VS cases tested positive for the New Jersey serotype. The newly identified infected premises is currently under quarantine by the TAHC. Affected horses will be monitored by regulatory veterinarians while under quarantine.  Premises are eligible for quarantine release 21 days after all lesions have healed. There is no known exposure to other horses around the state, or at any equine events.

Several states have provided the TAHC with information on enhanced entry requirements they are imposing on Texas livestock (including horses) due to the recently announced VS cases in Texas. For information about these movement restrictions, contact the state or country of destination and/or visit

For more information about VS, visit and a fact sheet is available at