Invitation Only Makes History

The team from Ohio Pineview Farms talks about Invitation Only and how he just passed Zippo Pine Bar as the all-time leading sire.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Invitation Only (Credit: courtesy of Ohio Pineview Farms) Scroll below to view a slideshow of Invitation Only's AQHA world champion offspring.

Since 1996, American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame stallion Zippo Pine Bar held the No. 1 spot as the all-time leading sire by points earned. But in October 14, 2014, that all changed when Invitation Only’s get amassed 77,064 points, edging out Zippo Pine Bar with 77,061.5 points earned by his offspring. Invitation Only gained the No. 2 spot in the all-time leading sire standings in 2011.

At 24 years old, Invitation Only continues to produce outstanding offspring with, as of press time, 1,251 foals registered in 21 crops. In AQHA competition, his 695 point earners have earned 1,109 Registers of Merit, 33 world championships, 36 reserve world championships, eight year-end high-points and $406,764 at the AQHA World Championship Show. Invitation Only’s get have also amassed $2,417,929 in National Snaffle Bit Association earnings. 

By Barpassers Image and out of Bears Raisin Kane by Mr Kane Raiser, Invitation Only was bred by Gene and Frieda Maxwell of Waterford, California. His current owners, Ohio Pineview Farms of North Lawrence, Ohio, purchased him in 2005. Ohio Pineview Farms is owned by the Farina family and managed by Roger Landis and Debbi Trubee. 

When you’re around “Invy,” it’s hard not to feel like you’re in the presence of a celebrity. So, speaking on behalf of the Invitation Only entourage, Debbi sat down with the Journal to give some insight on the noted sire’s history and preferences, right down to his favorite treats. 

Invitation Only and Roger Landis, photo courtesy of Ohio Pineview FarmsJournal: What’s an average day in the life of Invitation Only?
Debbi: The very first thing Roger Landis does every morning is check on the studs and feed them.  After Invy has his breakfast, he is brushed and turned out either outside or in the indoor arena, depending on the weather.  

What is Invitation Only like to be around?
Invy is very much a gentleman! He is really easy going and loves peppermints!

What was Invitation Only up to before he was purchased by Ohio Pineview Farms?
Invitation Only was standing at James Ranch and was owned by David James.  Invitation Only was already well established as a successful breeding horse when he was purchased by Mike Farina. David James had shaped Invy's career in the breeding shed and Invy's foals were dominating the show arena. Our goal these past nine years with Invy was to maintain his health and well-being and to continue to contribute to his already stellar breeding career and legacy.
What was it that compelled Ohio Pineview Farms to purchase Invitation Only?
Mike Farina does nothing on a small scale! Invitation Only's reputation as a premier breeding horse was already established and Mike wanted the best the industry had to offer.

What would you say are Invitation Only’s most noted achievements?
Invy has been the leading sire with AQHA for eight years in a row. It is mind-boggling that he has held that title year after year! There are so many great young sires making their mark in the breeding shed and Invitation Only get have continued to dominate the show arena. 
Which traits does Invitation Only pass on to his offspring? What in particular are his foals known for?
Invitation Only is so prolific as a sire, you can easily pick out one of his get in a crowd! His foals are extremely well made, balanced and are very trainable. Invy has stamped his foals with his gorgeous head, short back, big hip and great hock set. It's easy to see why Invitation Only's get have dominated the performance halter categories. 
How does it feel for the Ohio Pineview Farm to work with the sire who passed the legendary Zippo Pine Bar as the all-time leading sire by points earned?
We all have been very emotional as Invy has gotten closer to attaining this achievement. To see Invitation Only and be around him is to understand that he truly is special; to look in his eye is to see intelligence and kindness. He literally has an aura around him! I love to watch people's faces when they come to see him at the farm; Roger will lead him out and their jaws will literally drop. He is the most incredibly beautiful horse I have ever seen, and even at 24, he still commands attention. We jokingly call him “Elvis” – he most certainly is a rockstar!
Thinking back to when Ohio Pineview Farms purchased Invitation Only, did your team ever see him becoming the all-time leading sire by points earned?
It is hard to believe that Invitation Only has been able to do this in a time when the shows are much smaller and points are harder to come by. Invy has 19 crops of riding age, and with only a few exceptions, all of his foals were conceived without the benefit of shipped semen. To surpass Zippo Pine Bar, who had 26 foal crops and some 400 more get, is an extraordinary achievement. 
What mark do you see Invitation Only leaving on the industry?
Invitation Only will continue to have an impact on our industry for future generations through his sons and daughters. Many of the top crosses for the younger stallions standing today are daughters of Invitation Only.