October American Quarter Horse Journal

This issue features Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show coverage, plus articles to improve horse health and training.

The American Quarter Horse Journal

Klay McDowall, the 2014 AQHA horsemanship youth world champion, is featured on the cover of the October Journal. This issue includes the Journal's coverage of the Ford Youth World.

A roaring success. That’s what we’ve dubbed the 2014 Built Ford Tough AQHYA World Championship Show in the October American Quarter Horse Journal

Every year, coverage of the Ford Youth World is featured in our October issue. Highlights from the show start on Page 124, where we’ve rounded up some of the most impressive and heart-warming stories we gathered in Oklahoma City. There, we’ve published pictures upon pictures from the Ford Youth World’s special events, including the freestyle exhibition, fashion show and pin exchange, Merial Judging Contest and variety show. Keep reading and you’ll find a presentation of all the world champions, accompanied by lists of top-10 finishers. 

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Also featured in the October Journal

  • “Show Healthy” gives you tips so you can help your horse avoid the dreaded Horse Show Crud.
  • “Keep 'Em Cozy” explains how hay, water, shelter and blankets will keep your horses cozy – and healthy – this winter.
  • “Borrow a Trainer” gives you tips for perfecting and using the two-point, or "half-seat," with help from AQHA Professional Horseman Shane George.
  • “10 Lead-Change Tips” is going to help you master the flying lead change.
  • “Snapshots” is a collection of reader-submitted photos from around the AQHA show scene. 
  • “A New Look, Same Skills” gives you an insider look at new classes in the ranch division that will celebrate the versatility of the American Quarter Horse.
  • “Diagnosis: Sarcoids” takes a close look at the frightening world of skin tumors and how the American Quarter Horse Foundation has backed research for promising new treatments.
  • “Home-Grown” takes you to the only cutting horse facility in New Jersey, an operation that has been built on an alfalfa foundation.
  • “Creative Fellowship” introduces you to Arizona artists Fred and Deborah Fellows, who have grounded their life in ranching, roping and racehorses.
  • Journal Family: Shandiin Farrell” spotlights youth exhibitor Shandiin Farrell, who grew up on the Western Navajo Nation.
  • “Barn Babies” is a precious montage of reader-submitted foal pics.
  • “Making Cow Horses” serves up training advice from AQHA world champions Matt Koch and Chance O’Neal. 
  • “Silver and Gold” celebrates the 25th European Championship of American Quarter Horses in Kreuth, Germany, and this year’s champions.
  • “International Honors” puts American Quarter Horses on a pedestal after they swept the reining medals at the World Equestrian Games in Normandy, France. 

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