Eighteen to Take AQHA Judges Exam

Applicants will try their hands at the 2015 judges qualifying exam April 28-29 in Gainesville, Texas.

The American Quarter Horse Association

Eighteen applicants will take the 2015 AQHA judges qualifying exam April 28-29 in Gainesville, Texas, in hopes of becoming an AQHA judge.

The applicants include:

  • Mark Baus
  • Michael Edwards
  • Ty Cunningham
  • Sonnessa Gooding
  • Cathy Hanson
  • Ty Hornick
  • Donald Jox
  • Lora Knelly-Thomas
  • John Kunkle
  • Lisa Ligon
  • Libby Lugar-Michaud
  • Art O’Brien
  • Eric Petersen
  • Iris Petschenig
  • Josh Robertson
  • Sara Simons
  • Shane Young
  • Kathleen Zelnio

American Quarter Horse judges are held to the highest quality of standards. Before becoming an AQHA judge, applicants must:

  1. Have an individual, current-year AQHA membership and be a member in good standing
  2. Be at least 25 years of age (mandatory retirement is at age 75)
  3. Have their name appear in at least one issue of The American Quarter Horse Journal in the Judges Applicants list prior to review by the judges committee
  4. Be reviewed by AQHA judges state selection committee
  5. Receive approval from AQHA Judges Committee
  6. Receive approval from AQHA Executive Committee
  7. Be notified by AQHA that he or she can attend the next judges qualifying exam
  8. Be reviewed for final approval by the Judges Committee and Executive Committee
  9. Attend an AQHA judges workshop in the first year he or she is placed on the approved judges list

For more information on become an AQHA judge, visit www.aqha.com/judge.

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