Find Your Level for 2016

Before you go show, use the online AQHA level verification system to determine eligibility.

The American Quarter Horse Association

To determine level eligibility for 2016, visit to access the AQHA leveling Web-based verification system.

American Quarter Horse Association exhibitors and American Quarter Horse owners are required to provide proof of their level eligibility to show management when entering classes. Exhibitors and owners must print their level eligibility to give to show management during the 2016 show season. To determine level eligibility for 2016, visit to access the AQHA leveling Web-based verification system

AQHA divisions – youth, amateur and open – are divided into levels. The leveling program uses an objective handicapping system to assign exhibitors and horses to competition levels. 

How Leveling Works
Classes are leveled based on exhibitor or horse records. Level eligibility is based on points with AQHA, awards earned with AQHA and other equine associations and money earned with other equine associations.

  • Leveled by exhibitor record: youth, amateur, Select amateur and open halter and cattle classes
    – search for level eligibility for those classes by exhibitor membership ID. 
  • Leveled by horse record: open division classes (excluding halter and cattle events)
    – search by a horse’s registration number to determine its eligibility.

“As its name suggests, AQHA leveling levels the playing field of AQHA competition,” said AQHA Chief Show Officer Pete Kyle. “From the bottom up, leveling is designed to improve exhibitor experiences at AQHA shows and further American Quarter Horses as competitors.”
Visit to use the Web-based level verification system. The Web application will show you the levels you and your American Quarter Horse are eligible for in 2016. 

For exhibitors looking to compete in Level 1 amateur and youth classes, a Level 1 eligibility application must be filed each year, and all Level 1 exhibitors are encouraged to complete the Level 1 application and return it to AQHA as soon as possible. Previous Level 1 application information on file with AQHA may conflict with current eligibility, which would affect the eligibility being shown on the level verification system.

If assistance is needed in verifying level eligibility, AQHA customer service representatives are available to help at 806-376-4811.

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