China to Host Invitational Barrel Race

The China Quarter Horse Association invites riders from six countries to compete July 10-13 at an AQHA special event in Inner Mongolia.

American Quarter Horse Association

Jirigala competing on BTS Hope Floats in the barrel racing from Unbridled Ranch. (Credit: China Quarter Horse Association)

The China Quarter Horse Association will host an approved AQHA special event July 10-13 during the Inner Mongolia Invitational Horse Fair. The large fair is considered to be one of the People Republic of China's largest local festivals that will feature many cultural aspects of nomadic Chinese indigenous to this area. Traditionally, one of the main events is horse racing. 

Horses will be featured in a new and different light during the AQHA special event and show case other forms of racing and competition. The show will include barrel racing, pole bending, ranch work and western riding classes for both amateur and open riders.    

In 2014, Cheng Wenzeng, riding Walla Please Shine for owner Jia Huilin, won the pole bending class with a time of 23.468. Qin Zhicai showing Frenchmans Blue Chip for Brotherforturne Dalate was a close second place. In the barrel racing competition in 2014, HF Red N Rose, ridden by Bayierta, owned by Kyle LeLeux turned a quick 16.49 seconds for win. Second went to Gu Chengxiao on WM Booms Twist for Brotherforturne Dalate. These competitors will have a chance to compete again for such coveted titles but the stakes have been increased, as their competition will come from around the globe!

Show organizers have invited two exhibitors from ten countries to compete in an invitational barrel racing class. Exhibitors from Australia, Costa Rica, Germany, Ireland and the United States have accepted invitations. The following competitors will proudly represent their countries.  From Germany, German Quarter Horse and National Barrel Horse association members Dr. Carsten Grussendorf and Dr. Herbert Preisach will compete. Susanne Hehle and Anna Lehane-Davny will represent the Irish Quarter Horse Association. Juan Bautista Ramirez Mora and Maria Del Pilar Salas Rojas will represent the Costa Rican Quarter Horse Association. From Australia, Vicki Margaret Schiller and Calla Mary Hellen Matthews will ride for the Australian Quarter Horse Association. From the United States, Nathan Paul Jones and James Douglas Bryant will be in the saddle. 

American Quarter Horses will be provided by local Chinese owners and matched with exhibitors by a random draw, said David Snodgrass, international director of the China Quarter Horse Association