All American Quarter Horse Congress Judges

The Ohio Quarter Horse Association unveils the judges set for the 49th annual Congress.

From the Ohio Quarter Horse Association

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The judges for the 49th annual All American Quarter Horse Congress, slated for October 1-25, 2015, have been announced by the Ohio Quarter Horse Association.

AQHA Judges

  • Kelly Boles Chapman • Pierre Briere
  • Patty Campbell
  • Charlene Carter
  • Brian Ellsworth
  • Jessica Gilliam
  • Larry Hansch
  • John Lawrence
  • Stephanie Lynn 
  • Clay MacLeod 
  • Scott Neuman
  • Doug Rath
  • Nancy Renfro

AQHA/National Reining Horse Association Judges

  • Bob Kail
  • Richard Pokluda
  • Rick Weaver

AQHA/Roping Judges

  • Cindy Hale 
  • Kenny Hall

AQHA/NRHA/Roping Judge

  • Sandy Jirkovsky

NRHA Judges

  • Vic Clark
  • Cory Hendrickson

National Cutting Horse Association Judges

  • Bruce Richerson 
  • Keith DeVille
  • Dwayne Stamper