What Select Exhibitors Need to Know About the Adequan® AQHA Level 2 Championships

Select exhibitors have several opportunities to earn championships in 2016.

The American Quarter Horse Association

The American Quarter Horse Association is providing several opportunities for Level 2 Select exhibitors to earn honors in 2016.

In this press release in February, AQHA announced that exhibitors ages 50 and over can qualify for and show in a particular class at the AQHA Select World Championship Show in Amarillo, presented by Adequan® (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan), then the exhibitor can also compete with the same horse and in the same class at the 2016 Adequan® AQHA Level 2 Amateur Championships. The Adequan® Level 2 Amateur Championships will be held concurrently with the Lucas Oil AQHA World Championship Show in November in Oklahoma City.

  • Adequan® Level 2 Awards at 2016 Adequan® Select World: AQHA will once again recognize the top-three Level 2 exhibitors in each class. No additional entry fee or nomination procedure is required for these Level 2 awards at the Adequan® Select World.
  • Adequan® Level 2 Amateur Championships: To earn an invitation to the Adequan® Level 2 Championships, the Select amateur:

1. Must qualify by earning the predetermined number of points by July 31. View qualifying points.

2. Must be eligible for Level 2. Level eligibility can be verified at services3.aqha.com/leveling.

3. Cannot be listed on the ineligible exhibitors list. View the list.


  • Exhibitor A earned nine points in Select trail during the qualifying period (June 1, 2015 - May 31, 2016) and qualified to compete at Adequan® Select World in August.
  • Exhibitor A is also Level 2-eligible in Select trail, which means that when he enters the Adequan® Select World, he has the opportunity to also win a top-three Level 2 placing in the class.
  • Exhibitor A wins the Adequan® Select world championship title in trail and is also named the Level 2 Select trail champion.
  • During the Lucas Oil World qualifying period (August 1, 2015 - July 31, 2016), Exhibitor A also earned six amateur trail points, which means he also qualified to compete at the Adequan® Level 2 Amateur Championships, held in conjunction with the Lucas Oil World.
  • Exhibitor A wins the Adequan Level 2 amateur trail class at the Adequan® Level 2 Championships.
  • NOTE: Exhibitor A cannot compete with the same horse in the same Level 3 class at the Adequan® Select World and Lucas Oil World. However, Exhibitor A can compete in a Level 3 Adequan® Select World class with Horse A, then compete in a Level 3 Lucas Oil World class with Horse B.


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