Qualifying Points Announced for 2019 Zoetis VRH World

AQHA releases the qualifying points for the 2019 Zoetis AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Championships.

The American Quarter Horse Association

For information on the 2019 Zoetis VRH World, visit www.aqha.com/versatility.

The qualifying points for the 2019 Zoetis AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse World Championships will remain the same.

Exhibitors are able to qualify to compete for the Versatility Ranch Horse all-around title or in the individual VRH classes at the 2019 Zoetis VRH World. The qualifying period for the Zoetis VRH World is March 1, 2018 - February 28, 2019.

View the qualifying points on the Competitor Resources page at www.aqha.com/versatilityExhibitors can also qualify by participating in three or more AQHA-approved Versatility Ranch Horse events. 

Wondering how many points your horse has earned during the qualifying period? Check here.

The Zoetis VRH World show location and dates will be announced soon. For information on the 2019 Zoetis VRH World, visit www.aqha.com/versatility. 

AQHA will also hold the 2018 Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge Finals in conjunction with the 2019 Zoetis VRH World. Ranching Heritage Challenges highlight the versatility, soundness and willing attitude of American Quarter Horses that are bred by Zoetis AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeders. To be eligible to compete in the challenges, horses must have been bred by a Ranching Heritage Breeder, plus all enrollment payments must be complete. 

The qualifying period for the 2018 RHC Finals is January 1 to December 31, 2018. Simply show in any 2018 Challenge event to qualify for the 2019 Finals. The RHC Finals will be held in conjunction with the VRH World Show in June 2019. The list of Challenges is available at www.aqha.com/ranching.

The AQHA Level 1 Cattle Championships and National Ranch and Stock Horse Alliance Championship Show will also be held with the Zoetis VRH World. For more information about these events, visit www.aqha.com/versatility.

The 2018 Zoetis VRH World had 1,396 entries and paid out more than $102,000. The 2017 Zoetis RHC Finals had 151 entries and paid out nearly $60,000. The 2018 AQHA Level 1 Cattle Championships had 309 entries and paid out nearly $8,000. The 2018 NRSHA Finals had 717 entries and paid out more than $40,000. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to compete at next year’s event!

About the Sponsor
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1Data on file, MDI sales data for WEST NILE-INNOVATOR and FLUVAC INNOVATOR as of 12/31/15, Zoetis LLC.

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