Judges List

If you're looking for a judge for your next AQHA show, you're in the right place.

AQHA's judges list includes the current rating for all AQHA judges.

Any show with less than 350 entries qualifies for progressive judges. When you access the judges list, be sure to indicate "progressive" in the type drop box before searching.

Judges List

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Types of AQHA Judges

AQHA has two unique types of judging positions.

  • AQHA All-Around Judge -- These judges are approved to judge any AQHA-approved event.
  • AQHA Specialized Judge -- These judges specialize in specific areas, including: cutting, reining, roping, over fences, team penning, speed events, dressage, halter, cowboy mounted shooting and novice.
  • CMSA Range Masters - Cowboy Mounted Shooting (click here for approved list)

Are you interested in becoming an AQHA judge? Find out how.