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AQHA judges can find the forms and documents needed to get their job done right.

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Judges Code of Ethics
Designation as an AQHA-approved Judge is a privilege, not a right, bestowed by the Judges Committee to individuals whose equine expertise and personal character merit the honor.

Electronic Communications and Social Media Guidelines
Social media and networking sites as well as emailing and texting are common and popular means by which people communicate. But there are unintended consequences if Electronic Communications are used improperly. Because of their unique standing, AQHA-approved judges need to be particularly careful when using these means of communication. This Policy is established to set guidelines and expectations for AQHA-approved judges who engage in Electronic Communications. 

To maintain you status as an approved judge you must:  

  • Maintain a current individual membership. Failure to do so will result in removal from the list of AQHA-approved judges. If removed for failure to maintain an individual membership, the judge must wait 12 months from the date their membership is activated to reapply for judging credentials.
  • An individual’s conduct as a member, exhibitor and judge must be exemplary; is subject to continual review by the Judges Committee, with an automatic review after five years of becoming an AQHA judge.
  • Attend an AQHA-sanctioned judges conference once every three years beginning January 1 of the year in which the individual becomes an AQHA-approved judge; furthermore, all AQHA-approved specialized judges must attend a judges conference when their discipline is conducted.
  • Attain a minimum of three credits from AQHA-approved shows per calendar year beginning January 1 of the year following the individual’s approval as an AQHA-approved judge (one show number = one credit). No more than one credit for non-judged events (team penning, ranch sorting, barrel racing, pole bending and stake race) may be counted towards the minimum three credit requirement. In cases where four or more, show numbers are judged at the same show, or set of shows, only four credits will be counted against the maximum of 25 shows for that judge. AQHA-approved specialized judges must earn a minimum of one credit every three years beginning the date they go on the list of AQHA- approved judges. This credit may be earned by judging an AQHA approved show or an alliance show in the discipline for which they are approved. An individual who has served as a panel member for an AQHA-sanctioned judges conference; a panel member for an AQHA-sanctioned educational judging seminar; and/or an official judge for an AQHA-sanctioned qualifying exam will receive credit for one show judged.

Become A Judge
If you are you interested in becoming an AQHA-approved judge, visit our Become a Judge page. 

Judges Score Sheets
The judges score sheets can be found under Forms below the "Judges" heading.

Level 3/Level 2 Placing Cards
Download instructions on how to use Level 3 and Level 2 placing cards for a leveled class.

Download printer-friendly versions of AQHA patterns, including ranch horse pleasure, reining, working cow horse, western riding and working ranch horse.

Judges Report & Evaluation Form
Download this form to help you track the total number of entries in each class.

AQHA Bit Gauge
Order your exclusive AQHA bit gauge with using this form.

Competitive Horse Judging Manual
Download this guide for developing a successful horse judging team. The guide includes terms, suggestions and drawings.

Educational Videos
These videos can help you stay on top of your judging skills.

Seminar and Webinar information can be found here.

Judge Newsletters Archive 
You can find previously released Judges Updates here!

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Contact the Judges department at (806) 376-4811, or email Patti Carter at pcarter@aqha.org.