Verdugo International Horsemanship Camps

The William R. Verdugo International Horsemanship Camps offer educational clinics for horse enthusiasts in AQHA affiliate countries.

AQHA Past President William "Bill" Verdugo had a passion for sharing. He spent the early years of his career as a professor, a horse and livestock judging coach and the organizer of Fresno State University's cattle and horse breeding programs, sharing his education and life experiences with his students. In the 1950s, Verdugo began buying and shipping horses and cattle to Hawaii. After 15 years with FSU, he resigned to expand his export business to include Brazil, Mexico, Central America, Japan and Australia.

Now, in memory of Bill Verdugo, international AQHA members can profit from the knowledge and experience of equine industry professionals. The William R. Verdugo International Horsemanship Camps offer international horse enthusiasts the opportunity to participate in educational clinics designed to strengthen the horsemanship skills in AQHA affiliate countries. This educational camp is intended to assist international enthusiasts in South American countries to develop and increase skills in based and advanced horsemanship, use of equipment, behavior modification of horses, nutrition, first aid and veterinary care.

This camp is one of several educational clinics performed each year in various AQHA affiliate countries throughout the world. 

2016 Verdugo International Horsemanship Camps with Texas A&M University
Led by Dr. Jim Heird and Dr. Anna Morrison
Costa Rica: May 26-28
Uruguay: July 8-10
Paraguay: August 17-18

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