2017 Journal Archive

April 2017

  • Meet the 2016 all-around high-point champions
  • Making English rail horses
  • Five insightful health articles

April 2017 High-Point Supplement

  • Read the bios of the 2016 AQHA high-point winners in this free supplement to the April 2017 American Quarter Horse Journal

March 2017

  • Zippo Pine Bar welcomes Zips Chocolate Chip to the Hall of Fame
  • Trail Test: AQHA trail rules
  • Riding for perfection in hunt seat

February 2017

  • A judge's take on Select horsemanship
  • Hunter under saddle tips
  • Are online auctions the new sales ring? 

January 2017

  • Lucas Oil World coverage
  • Square showmanship corners
  • Dealing with equine twins