You can get involved in leadership opportunities with AQHYA. Learn how!

Build For The Future

AQHYA challenges youth members to envision what success is as they Build for the Future in 2022.

AQHA challenges AQHYA members to be the visionaries of their future success, using their knowledge, dedication, and passion for the American Quarter Horse to Build for the Future.

Youth Excellence Seminar

The 2022 Youth Excellence Seminar welcomes AQHYA members and nonmembers, ages 10 to 18, to experience this event offering valuable leadership skills, inspiring speakers and AQHYA governance items.

AQHYA Leadership Team

Meet the 2022-23 AQHYA Officers and Directors

Just like AQHA, AQHYA also maintains its own governing body of young adults that are committed to giving back and making AQHYA the best it can be for youth members! Meet the AQHYA Officers and Directors and learn more about how you can get involved with your youth association.

Youth Affiliate Advisers

Youth advisers help organize and manage the AQHYA activities within your state, province or country.

If you have questions about AQHYA or want to know more about how to get involved with your state affiliate, contact the AQHYA Affiliate Youth Adviser near you.
September 26, 2022 | News and Publications American Quarter Horse Youth Association (AQHYA)
Qualifying points have been announced for the 2023 Ford AQHYA World Championship Show.
September 16, 2022 | News and Publications Conferences, conventions and seminars
September 16, 2022 | News and Publications Outside Scholarships
August 26, 2022 | News and Publications American Quarter Horse Foundation scholarship program
August 24, 2022 | News and Publications National youth racing experience

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