The American Quarter Horse Journal

October 2015

  • Legendary tales of Skys Blue Boy and the first All American Quarter Horse Congress queen
  • How-to's for reining rollbacks and hunt seat equitation patterns
  • Learn about barefoot trimming, respiratory diseases and equestrian fitness
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Q-Racing Journal

October 2015 Q-Racing Journal

  • Racehorses get a fast start at Born Running Ranch
  • Handicapping FAQ: Is there an advantage to be found from the track itself?
  • What you need to know about colic surgery
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America's Horse Magazine

October 2015

October's Featured Articles:

  • With a name you'll love, a big personality and talent to set the rodeo world on fire, this is a horse you'll want to meet
  • Meet Stan Weaver, a rancher from Montana and one of the newest members of the AQHA Executive Committee
  • The legacy of American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Warren Shoemaker lives on through his mare band
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