The American Quarter Horse Journal

December 2016

  • Conditioning your stallion for breeding and showing
  • Boutique breeding with Ellen Jost
  • My Intention hits the $1 million mark
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The Performance Horse Journal

December 2016-January 2017

  • Create confident cutters
  • Young stallions: Show 'em and breed 'em
  • Rope science: Best choices for quick catches
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The Ranch Horse Journal

Winter 2016

  • Collegiate stock horse teams benefit students, colleges and the ranch horse industry
  • What you and your horse should wear in ranch classes
  • Mastering transitions with Buster McLaury
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America's Horse Magazine

December 2016

  • Serious Horsepower: Rodeo Horses of the Year
  • Hunting for the perfect horse
  • Using transitions to make your partnership better
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The Q-Racing Journal

December 2016

  • Stallion statistics, leading sire lists, and successful crosses
  • Find your perfect stallion
  • How is the race sale market?
  • Get to know jockey J.R. Valenzuela and champion breeders S-Quarter K
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