The American Quarter Horse Journal

February 2018

  • Buddy Fisher's advice to get you started in trail
  • Rhonda Repogle's horsemanship challenge
  • Pick a pair of English boots
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Performance Horse Journal

February-March 2018

  • Judged Heeling: How to stay on the 'plus' side
  • Breeding for hybrid vigor
  • Paid Warm-Ups: Spend your minutes wisely
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Ranch Horse Journal

Winter 2017

  • Pros and cons of ranch hunting leases
  • Staying safe on a new roping horse
  • How to land a ranch-hand job, with tips from expert operations
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America's Horse Magazine

January-February 2018

  • Constance Jaeggi's photography captures the essence of the horse
  • Singleton Ranches gives colts a good start
  • Keeping horses hydrated
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Quarter Racing Journal

December 2017

  • Breed Your Dream: Find the perfect match for your mare
  • Colorado Growth: Melvin Neugebauer is racing good horses
  • Retraining Racehorses: After running, these horses find new work
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