The American Quarter Horse Journal

February 2016

  • How to Speak Horse: Improve communication using leg and seat aids
  • Breeder Spotlight: Jud Little
  • The Legacy: Members celebrating 50 years of breeding American Quarter Horses
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Q-Racing Journal

February 2016

  • Money Management: Manage your handicapping bankroll to make it prosper
  • Heza Dasha Fire is the 2015 World Champion Racing American Quarter Horse
  • Graded stakes coverage from around the country
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America's Horse Magazine

January-February 2016

  • A blind American Quarter Horse and her owner share their moving story
  • A Tale of Two Mayflowers: Two historic mares, one great story of the American Quarter Horse racehorse
  • How does a Tony Award-winning actress juggle her two passions: show business and horses?
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