December 2017

  • A retiring equine athlete starting a new career as a therapy horse
  • 2017 AQHA-Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association Speed-Event Horses of the Year
  • How Hurricanes Harvey and Irma challenged horse owners in Texas and Florida

November 2017

  • The Zia Star shines on and off the racetrack
  • Zoetis AQHA Best Remuda Award winner Silver Spur Operating Co. relies on history and innovation

October 2017

  • The magic of kids and horses
  • Portraits of the matriarch mares
  • AQHA around the world

September 2017

  • Meet the horse behind our September cover
  • Take the AQHA Trail Challenge
  • A Rocky Mountain refuge

August 2017

  • Welcome to Reata Brannaman's world
  • How-to horse camping
  • Meet the President: Ralph Seekins

July 2017

  • 5,000 hours in the saddle
  • Get away to Ruidoso, New Mexico
  • Don't let boogers spook your horse on the trail

June 2017

  • Quarter Horse Photo Shoots
  • Using good horses to get through the ashes
  • Cowgirl Role Models

May 2017

  • Health Tips: Take the best care of your horse
  • The history and culture of the charro
  • "His Name is Midnight," and he's in a documentary

March-April 2017

  • Road to the Horse: Past and Present
  • Plan a Dream Vacation: Amarillo by morning
  • Rodeo Rescuers: Pickup men and their American Quarter Horses

January-February 2017

  • Kindred Spirits: American Quarter Horses soothe our souls
  • Big Sky Bonanza: Go for a gallop at this guest ranch
  • Beyond the Cover: A roper sees gold in a pigeon-toed gelding