December 2018

  • Rodeo Stars: 2018 AQHA-PRCA-WPRA Horses of the Year
  • A day in the life of a saddle maker
  • Good rides start on the ground

November 2018

  • From the Pasture to the Gridiron: Texas Tech University's mascot
  • Barrel racing's equine celebrities
  • Safe treats for your horse

October 2018

  • The right start with Buck Brannaman
  • Tips for sharing the trail
  • A day in the life of a collegiate equestrian coach

September 2018

  • Oklahoma's Stuart Ranch: Living history
  • AQHA Summer Events: Fun with horses
  • Horses and horsemen entering the Hall of Fame

August 2018

  • Don Weller: A passion for equine artist
  • Horses Around the World: From Brazil to Mongolia
  • Make time to ride

July 2018

  • Riding for a buckle in the AQHA Horseback Riding Program
  • Lessons learned on the trail
  • Preteens accomplishing big things in the horse world

June 2018

  • Kevin Costner: Back in the saddle
  • Turn kids into confident riders
  • What's equine insurance? Do you need to insure your horses?

May 2018

  • Bear Pascoe: From the NFL to the PRCA
  • Equine Vaccination 411
  • Know Your Equine Nutrition

March-April 2018

  • Catching a Ride: Rodeo's borrowed horses
  • From combat boots to cowboy boots
  • Spend a day in the life of an equine veterinarian

January-February 2018

  • Constance Jaeggi's photography captures the essence of the horse
  • Singleton Ranches gives colts a good start
  • Keeping horses hydrated