2014 Journal Archive

December 2014

December's Featured Articles:

  • Try these time-tested tips for riding with split reins
  • Learn how to navigate a stallion breeding contract
  • Get the 4-1-1 on the dangers of compounding drugs

2014 World Show Program

This free souvenir program includes:

  • Entries for the 2014 AQHA World Championship Show
  • World Show history, including top sires and dams of world champions, highest scores and fastest times
  • Must-have information regarding special events, clinics and more

November 2014

November's Featured Articles:

  • Try these horsemanship warm-up exercises
  • Use these expert tips to manage stallion-like behavior in geldings
  • Travel to Texas' Wagon Wheel Ranch, which specializes in foundation bloodlines

October 2014

October's Featured Articles:

  • Healthy advice to keep your horse going strong through the fall's big shows
  • Use these training tips to master the flying lead change, plus the two-point position
  • Get the lowdown on the new ranch division of American Quarter Horse competition

September 2014

Featured Articles:

  • How to make a good impression in pattern classes
  • Secrets for slow-feeding horses to save money and health
  • Care for your tack and equipment with these tips

August 2014

Featured Articles:

  • Prepare for horse-show emergencies with these tips
  • Travel to the swampy waters of enterprising Barthle Brothers Ranch 
  • Meet AQHA President Johnny Trotter, a high-plains cowboy living the dream with his American Quarter Horses

July 2014

Featured Articles:

  • What's your liability when borrowing a horse trailer?
  • Two articles to prime your horse for trail classes
  • How to buy a ranch horse, train a ranch horse and keep your horse safe on the ranch

June 2014

Featured Articles:

  • How to use round bales to lower your feed bill
  • Get the proper fit on English tack
  • Tour AQHA Ranching Heritage Breeder Longhorn Cattle Co. in Washington

May 2014

Featured Articles: 

  • Advice on training and caring for your new foals
  • The state of the horse market and the Quarter Horse breed
  • Highlights from AQHA Convention

April 2014

Featured Articles:

  • Meet the 2013 AQHA high-point winners
  • Seven ways to stretch your horse-bedding budget
  • Five vaccines your horse must have

April 2014 – High-Point Supplement

Featured Articles:

  • Read the bios of the 2013 AQHA high-point winners in this free supplement to the April 2014 American Quarter Horse Journal

March 2014

Featured Articles:

  • Follow the making of AQHA Ranching Heritage Challenge contenders
  • Meet the American Quarter Horse racing champions of 2013
  • We share our ideas for out-the-arena horse show fun for youth

February 2014

Featured Articles:

  • Visit a New Zealand working cattle ranch that raises Quarter Horses
  • Take an in-detail look at the healthy hoof
  • Try this in-the-barn workout to keep you in riding and showing shape

January 2014

Featured Articles:

  • 2013 AQHA World Championship Show coverage
  • Don't let back soreness sideline your horse
  • Become a better-balanced rider with these five stretches