December 2017-January 2018

  • Sit & Slide: Your role in prettier stops
  • Banking on future foals
  • The No. 1 job in tie-down roping

October-November 2017

  • 'Blue Book' Values: How pros set prices
  • Jolene Montgomery's tips for faster barrel turns
  • Give your arena a footing makeover
  • Tips to start your fence run right

August-September 2017

  • Hackamore Revival: find finesse
  • Buster Welch: cowboys tell tales
  • Get a grip on shoeing barrel horses
  • Flag-work fundamentals

June-July 2017

  • Barrel Racing Love Affair
  • Untying Knots: PSSM Explained
  • Brain Trauma: 10 Minute Timeout

April-May 2017

  • Steer wrestling horses: how the greats work
  • Barrel Horse Style: pros I.D. their horses' strengths
  • How reining breeders capitalize on hot and cold bloodlines

February-March 2017

  • Cow Horse Legends: Facts and fables
  • Barrel racers, try this four-barrel exercise
  • Ed Dufurrena on building longevity in cutting horses