Tips For Submitting Your Stallion Breeding Report

We're here to help you file this important document by November 30 of each year.

Once you've signed into your user account in AQHA Member Services, make sure the active membership number linked to your account is the membership number the horse is registered to.

In member services:

  • Select Stallion Breeding Reports under the Ownership section. In the black navigational pane across the top of the screen, select Enter Stallion Breeding Report.
  • Enter the stallion’s registration number and select the breeding year with the drop down box.
  • Enter the stallion’s breeding location(s) for that breeding season. Enter the beginning date (MM/DD/YYYY) and the ending date (MM/DD/YYYY) by either typing the date exactly as requested or by choosing the date from the calendar. 
  • Enter the location where the horse is standing. This may be a Farm, Ranch or any other location where the horse is standing. Select the Country from the drop down (United States is at the top) and then the City. If all info is correct, select Add, which will then add the information to the grid above.  Be sure the date you input covers all the breeding dates you will enter for the mares. If the stallion was at the same location all year, enter 01/01/2015 to 12/31/2015.
  • Select the drop down Enter Mare Information. 
  • Scroll down to Add Mare Breeding Details and enter the Mare’s Registration Number. Next enter the Exposure Start and Exposure End Dates. The date must be entered in the MM/DD/YYYY format or selected using the calendar.
  • Select the breeding method from the drop down menu.  You may check the box for the release of the breeder’s certificate if you wish to release the breeder’s certificate online.
  • Select Add. This will add the information entered into the grid above. If you have more than one mare, repeat the process for reach mare.

The next drop down is the Summary Details. This will give you a summary of the information you have entered as well as the fees. 

You then have the option to:

  • Go to the SBR Main Menu
  • Add to Cart, Save, or Cancel.
    • Navigating back to the SBR Main Menu, will not save the information you have entered. Selecting Add to Cart, will add the information to the shopping cart.
    • Selecting Save will save the information and take you back to the SBR Main Menu. If you are entering multiple mares, it is good practice to save several times as you progress with the entry. 
      • There is now an option to Edit the information that has been saved.  Access the pending Stallion Breeding Report by selecting the option View Pending.  The option to edit the stallion breeding report, Delete the Stallion Breeding Report and to Cancel will all be available.
      • Once the SBR has been completed & submitted through the Checkout page, changes can no longer be made online. Customer will need to contact AQHA for corrections.
    • Selecting Cancel will all information entered. You can Add to Cart from here or from the SBR Main Menu once you have saved the information. You may then start the check out process by going to the shopping cart.
    • You may add an unsubmitted report to the Shopping Cart by clicking on View Pending which is located under the Action column on the Stallion Breeding Report Screen.  You may then Add to Cart or Delete the pending stallion breeding report.