Cecilia Steel

Christoval, Texas


Dolly Spots a Stray

When gathering and checking heifers, Dolly (Sweet Ginger Te) spots a stray.  AQHA member Gerry Gesell relies on his American Quarter Horses to have another set of eyes and ears when working cattle.




After the Rain

An aptly named Mud (Gins Colonel) and his best buddy Circus (Hildas Little King) love nothing more than a good roll and to get as dirty as possible after some much needed and always welcomed West Texas rain.





A Cowboy and a Horseman

AQHA member Gerry Gesell has been starting and training American Quarter Horses for longer than he would care to admit and acknowledges that there is something to learn from each horse.  Pictured with then 2-year-old filly, JC Cuttin Lucky