A.R. Mergelman

My current work is a mixture of representational and abstracted equine imagery.  I have three subjects of fairly equal weight—the gestural figure of the horse, the aesthetic principles of an abstract design, and the process of mark-making through the use of various painting applications.  Flattened planes, vivid color relationships, and images that come in and out of focus are important components to my work.

Although I study and enjoy plein air painting, I primarily work in my studio where I channel my life-long connection with horses into painting their distinctive forms and mannerisms.  I have sincerely experimented with other subjects, but the horse as a figurative subject seems to be my inherent focus. 

Along with the AQHA America’s Horse in Art Show, exhibitions for this year include the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show, the Colorado Governor’s Art Show, and the Mountain Oyster Club Art Show in Tucson.

Lit Legs

Oil and Acrylic

18" x 22"


Steppin' Out

Oil and Acrylic

27" x 33"


Seahorse Foam Green

Oil and Acrylic

27" x 39"