Gayla B. Salvati

Gayla Salvati grew up on a ranch in the heart of the Cherokee Strip in Oklahoma and has developed her art in graphite, bronze and oil.  Gayla has been a student of animal form and behavior in her work as a veterinarian.  With hands-on schooling she developed a critical eye for anatomy and movement which gives her work stark realism yet allows for the expression of the “soul” of the animal. 

“I love to try and show the viewer the way I see my subjects.  Capturing that certain look or behavior that might otherwise have escaped notice and trying to express it in art. ”

Gayla is a Signature Member of the Society of Animal Artists and has Master Pencil Artist Status with the Pencil Art Society.  Her work has been exhibited in four countries, numerous galleries and she has won recognition in many well regarded international juried exhibitions.



16" x 16"

Edition 1 of limited



Leo P-1335


26" x 23"





28" x 25"