Kim Corpany

Kim Corpany creates oil paintings and bronze sculptures of horses that are so lifelike that they draw the viewer in. One waits to see the horse breathe or twitch an ear as the horse tells his story. Kim has made a lifelong pursuit of gaining a personal knowledge of horse psychology, anatomy, and training.

Kim grew up riding her family’s horses in Morgan, Utah. She then earned an AS degree from Weber State University and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Utah State University. At Scottsdale Artist’s School she studied horse anatomy with instructor and Cowboy Artists of America sculptor Mehl Lawson and painting with CAA artist Tom Browning.

Kim enjoys training and showing her own horses in NRHA reining competitions, as well as AQHA horse shows with her husband. 

Kim Corpany’s bronze sculptures and paintings are found in collections worldwide, as far away as Abu Dhabi, as well as across the United States.

Belt Route Traffic

Oil on canvas

31" x 42"



The Guardian

Oil on canvas

23" x 27"