Lisa Perry

Born in Montana, Lisa attended Montana State University and she and her husband ranched there before moving to Texas in 1979. Lisa has bred Quarter Horses over 40 years and is a life member of AQHA. She is a member of the American Academy of Equine Artists and has taught workshops for AAEA.

Lisa’s most recent sculptures are life size and larger commissions of a reining horse, a historical human figure, and a dog and foal together for public and private installations. Recent subjects known to the Quarter Horse community include Jack Brooks, Dee Hubbard, Corona Cartel, and Don Godwin’s reining horse Remi Dunnit Smokin.  Her 1¼ life size statue of Refrigerator stands in front of the Quarter Horse Museum and Heritage Center.  Lisa’s main body of work is the American Quarter Horse at work or portrayed in eternal moments of reflection of the beauty of America’s horse.

The Glory Seekers


18" x 18" x 5"

Edition 1 of 15