What's Inside

Take a peek inside the Hall of Fame & Museum

Wall of Honor & Bronzes

The moment you approach the museum, you are greeted by the beautiful, larger-than-life bronze statues of history-making American Quarter Horses. Spend time reflecting outside at the Wall of Honor Plaza, honoring and memorializing the horses and people who've paved the way for the American Quarter Horse. The Wall of Honor welcomes visitors to the Hall of Fame from two unique perspectives. From the east, a light sculpture displays a herd of running American Quarter Horses; from the west, granite bricks preserve and pay tribute to the people and horses meaningful to generous donors.

The Grand Hall

The Grand Hall houses the legends of American Quarter Horse history: the people and horses inducted into the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame who have paved the way for the future. Designed to showcase these horses and humans, the majestic space, features soaring rock columns and intricately etched bloodlines in the floor. The front of the room welcomes you with an impressive emblem depicting the American Quarter Horse and adds to the breathtaking setting.

Joni Hegel Education Gallery

The joys of owning a horse can be experienced by kids of all ages through hands-on learning in the education gallery. Watch and listen to the colorful banter between “Doc” the veterinarian and “Two Bits” the horse as Two Bits makes a visit to Doc’s office. Here, visitors can touch real tack and all the tools needed to keep a horse healthy. Want to know what makes an American Quarter Horse’s physique unique? Try out the moving x-ray exhibit!



Ken & Laina Banks Theater

Watch the history of the American Quarter Horse unfold in a 10 minute film in the Ken & Laina Banks Theater. In this film, visitors learn more about the breed and his many roles in today’s world, from a work partner on the ranch to an athlete on the racetrack or in the show arena. The theater also displays a collection of Orren Mixer paintings. Mixer was once commissioned to paint the ideal American Quarter Horse and went on to paint portraits of many of the American Quarter Horses who now live on in the Hall of Fame.

Timeline Exhibits

Journey through a timeline of the history of the American Quarter Horse and discover the role each inductee played in the preservation and promotion of the breed. Get an intimate look at each of these legends by viewing personal items from inductees such as Joe Kirk Fulton, the first mounted mascot for Texas Tech University, or Rugged Lark who served as an equine event ambassador to the 1996 Olympics.

Champions' Gallery

Located at the threshold of the Hall of Fame Timeline Exhibit is the Champions' Gallery. This state-of-the-art multimedia area lets you relive the American Quarter Horse World Championship Shows and American Quarter Horse racing action that made champions.

Reading Room

Designed to share the rich history of our horses and the people who made them great, the Reading Room is a tranquil place and is made available to museum visitors upon request. Here an individual or small group can sit and read comfortably in an elegant, western atmosphere.

Thanks to the generosity of Margaret Haines, Morrison, Illinois, the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum provides hundreds of collected books for your enjoyment and learning. These books, some of which are rare, span subjects such as the settlement of the western frontier, stories of the cowboys and Indians and the horses they rode. The Reading Room provides a full collection of American Quarter Horse Stud Books and bound copies of The American Quarter Horse Journal, The American Quarter Horse Racing Journal and America's Horse.

Please inquire at the front desk about spending time in the Reading Room.

Virtual Tour

For a Virtual Tour of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, click the image below: