Artifiction Trunk

A field trip that comes to your classroom!

The American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum is now offering a new trunk program -- think of it as a field trip in a box that comes to your school!  And we are proud to say our trunk program ran through the classroom riggers to ensure the writing lessons are fun and educational.

“Artifiction” is an activity for hands on learning that incorporates TEKS in reading, writing, grammar, geography, critical thinking and economics. Imagine your students touching artifacts from our museum, learning about their history and then writing a label for the item as if it were on display at the museum--a learning experience like none other. Trunks are geared toward kindergarten-grade 1, grades 2-5 and grades 6-9. Plus, everything you will need comes in the trunk ready for a teacher.

The trunk is loaded with the appropriate grade level materials for kindergarten and 1st, 2nd through 5th or 6th through 9th grades. If you’re not a horse person, no worries - the education material includes an artifact guide-download a sample here! Once a trunk is reserved, the museum staff will email educators the lesson plan, the necessary materials to review and prepare for the lesson.  

All trunks may be reserved for one week at $30 and can be shared with grade levels with up to 60 students. Trunks can be reserved online and a staff member will confirm those reservations. All rentals must be picked up and returned to the museum by the party reserving it-Sorry the trunk cannot be shipped or mailed! 


If anywhere in the process teachers or administrators have questions, they may contact the museum by email or by phone at 806-376-5181.