Giving back to the American Quarter Horse.

The Hall of Fame & Museum depends on donors like you.

Your gift to the annual fund gives the Foundation the dexterity to continue funding operational and programmatic endeavors.

Current gifts are often referred to as "outright gifts" and represent one of the most common ways that donors begin their giving relationship with the American Quarter Horse Foundation. Current gifts provide immediate assistance to the Foundation, while planned or deferred gifts impart benefits at some future date.

A gift to the AQHF Annual Fund usually is in the form of a "current gift" because they are readily accessible and give the Foundation the dexterity to utilize them for operational and programmatic purposes.

Current gifts can be in the form of cash, gifts of securities, gifts of property or corporate matching gifts, if that option is available to you to also access for the benefit of the Foundation. Furthermore, it's important to know that current gifts can be designated for a specific Foundation program such as equine research, scholarship, America's Horse Cares, or Hall of Fame & Museum. However, unrestricted gifts are the focus of the AQHF Annual Fund solicitation efforts.

Please click here to make a gift to the Foundation or contact the American Quarter Horse Foundation at 806-378-5029 for more information.