myAQHA Member Portal Release

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Welcome to myAQHA, AQHA's new Member Services portal! 

AQHA has listened to the members' needs and feedback and delivered a new platform to give members more access to AQHA services and membership information. As a brand-new member benefit, myAQHA offers several services designed to improve the AQHA member experience. This initial launch offers members online access to their membership and ownership details, and will continue to be released monthly. 

MyAQHA gives members access to: 

  • Current memberships and their expiration dates 
  • Renew and upgrade your membership immediately online
  • ​Membership cards, printed on demand
  • Previously owned, currently owned and leased American Quarter Horses 
  • Important competition data 
  • Horse detail screen
  • Show and race details
  • Complete list of achievements by member ID
  • Ranching Heritage Breeder enrollment years
  • Level 1 Application
  • View of Transaction History
  • Access to an exclusive promo code for FREE access to AQHLearn!

Getting Started

You must be a current member to create a myAQHA account. Before you create an account, be sure your phone number and email address are up to date with AQHA. Current members can do this online through the existing Member Services area and immediately create a myAQHA account. For current members that do not have an Member Services account, complete this form, and the AQHA team will update your information. Once your information is updated, reference this step-by-step instructional guide.

You're now ready to "Create myAQHA Account" by using the button below. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is myAQHA? Is going away?
MyAQHA is AQHA's new member portal, which will replace the existing Member Services website by 2024, the area where AQHA members can log in and access account, ownership and transactional information. AQHA's main website,, will remain in place.

Who can create a myAQHA account? 
All current members may create a myAQHA account. Expired members may renew their membership within myAQHA to receive full access to myAQHA's member benefits. Members must ensure their phone number and email address on file are up to date prior to account creation. 

How can I learn how to use myAQHA?
Step-by-step instructional documentation may be found here.

If I create a myAQHA account, does that mean I can no longer use my existing Member Services account?
You will have access to both your myAQHA account and your Member Services account. Work may be completed in either myAQHA or Member Services until Member Services is eliminated in 2024.

Can I link my accounts or allow someone to be an authorized agent in myAQHA?
Linking accounts and authorized agents are not part of the initial myAQHA launch. Be on the lookout for new features in myAQHA, such as this one, which will be released monthly. 

When can I expect more features to be available in myAQHA?
AQHA will release new features on myAQHA frequently, so be sure to check back in regularly to see what improvements we make to the site!

Is there a fee to access myAQHA?
No, myAQHA is free and is a benefit of being an AQHA member. Nonmembers will need to join AQHA and expired members will need to renew their membership to access myAQHA.

Can I provide feedback on myAQHA?
Yes! We want your constructive feedback on the myAQHA experience. Use the "Feedback" button on the right-hand side of the screen to let us know what you think!