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The American Quarter Horse Journal

Published since 1948, The American Quarter Horse Journal is one of the most respected and widely circulated magazines in the equine industry.

The Journal was redesigned and reshaped in early 2020 into a lifestyle magazine that celebrates the American Quarter Horse and the lifestyle that our members have built around their horses. The magazine features amazing photography infused with well-crafted features on the people, horses and traditions that make our breed, membership and industry unique.

The magazine is now mailed to all AQHA members eight times a year as a benefit of their membership in AQHA. We are excited to announce that the Journal's tradition of publication excellence drives more than 230,000 people to read the magazine.

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A vast and comprehensive website with more than a million monthly impressions, provides boundless information to AQHA members and other interested parties about AQHA programs, competitions, horse and people records, and opportunities for members to enjoy their horses. High impressions and low prices are trademarks of advertising on this exhaustive site that is definitely the leader in the American Quarter Horse industry.

Trade Shows

AQHA hosts a number of retail trade shows across the United States. These shopping experiences draw championship-level competitors, fans, local horsemen and western-inspired shoppers. AQHA trade shows are an ideal way to reach a targeted audience, when it comes to promoting your product or service. Online Stallion Directory

AQHA's online stallion directory is a trusted source of data for both mare and stallion owners., powered by AQHA, is the ultimate reference guide to help you promote your stallion year round with updated information that is always current. 


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