Practice These Patterns

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In each chapter of Practice These Patterns, professionals break our practice horse show patterns into parts to better help you conquer them.

This robust ebook features three horse show patterns with full instructions for how to practice them, plus videos with pattern demonstrations.

Part 1:
Showmanship with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jenny Jordan Frid

“When I first saw this showmanship pattern, I thought it was an easy pattern,” Jenny says. “But the more I looked, the more the tricky details popped out at me.   

“I believe any exhibitor can conquer this pattern. I’m going to break down this pattern into small pieces so you can practice at home along with us. But before you do, I have some thoughts to share about practice.” 


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Part 2:

Horsemanship with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jill Gomes Newcomb

“Sometimes when exhibitors look at patterns, they can become overwhelmed by the length of those patterns and think they can’t perform them,” Jill says. “But I think any exhibitor can perform any pattern in any class: Every pattern is made up of pieces that you already know as part of your normal routine.

“The trick to making a pattern correct is breaking it down into pieces so you can see what you already know and make a plan to ride it.”

After she walks readers through an in-depth analysis of the horsemanship practice pattern, Jill then offers advice for how to put it all together, plus the three things to concentrate on when that time comes. 


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Part 3:

Hunt seat equitation with AQHA Professional Horsewoman Stephanie Lynn

“It’s easy to get overwhelmed by a pattern like this hunt seat equitation one,” Stephanie says. “There are a lot of pieces and parts to put together, and I think it’s important to ease into it with a soft eye, not for the parts that might be difficult but the parts where you’re going to shine.” 

Before Stephanie gets into the details of the pattern, she explains how to perform a successful trot-through and why readers will want to add it to their practice plan. Next, she moves into “What the Judges Want.” 

Following the in-depth pattern analysis, Stephanie moves into winning exercises to improve the hand gallop and engage the hindquarters. 

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About the Sources

Jenny Jordan Frid won the reserve world championship in showmanship in 1989 as a youth and the amateur world championship in showmanship in 1995. Since becoming a professional trainer, Jenny has guided eight amateurs and youths to their own world championships, including the 2014 Adequan Select world champion in showmanship, Anne Wilson. After spending time in the corporate world, Jenny now works full-time with her husband at Robin Frid Show Horses in Denton, Texas. She is an AQHA Professional Horsewoman and accomplished clinician. The DVD “Showmanship Clinic by Jenny Jordan” is available through Quarter Horse Outfitters at

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Jill Gomes Newcomb has been involved with showing American Quarter Horses since childhood. Jill, an AQHA judge, trains horses, youth and amateurs from her facility in San Marcos, California, specializing in all-around events.

AQHA Professional Horsewoman Stephanie Lynn was the 2015 AQHA Professional Horsewoman of the Year. As a trainer, she has produced AQHA world champions, All American Quarter Horse Congress champions and national champions in open, youth and amateur. She is also an AQHA judge. Stephanie’s autobiography, “A Lifetime Affair,” talks about her life training horses. Stephanie serves as the director of operations for the National Snaffle Bit Association. Her website is