Vesicular Stomatitis Treatment Options

Learn more about vesicular stomatitis, a viral infection that can affect horses.

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This week’s videos on AQHA’s YouTube channel feature information on vesicular stomatitis, a look at the beautiful Gulf Coast marshlands of Gray Ranch and a chance to meet this year’s Merle Wood Humanitarian Award winner and American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame inductee, Mr Bar None.

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Vesicular Stomatitis
Vesicular stomatitis is a viral infection that can affect horses, cattle and other livestock. Signs of the disease include blister-like lesions in the mouth, tongue, nose and even the coronary band just above the horse's hoof. Learn more about the origins of this disease and treatment options.

Gray Ranch
Ranching is a little different in the Gulf Coast marshlands. Travel to Louisiana and visit the Gray Ranch just south of Vinton. Learn about the southern style of ranching, which includes swimming bayous and watching out for alligators.

Betty Flarida, Merle Wood Humanitarian Winner
Counselor, mentor and biggest fan. Those are just a few words used to describe the Merle Wood Humanitarian Award winner Betty Flarida and her involvement with youth. Learn more about the lady from Ohio who has helped shaped the lives of many kids who love horses.

Mr Bar None
Foaled in 1955 and sired by American Quarter Horse Hall of Famer Three Bars (TB), Mr Bar None hit the track in 1957, where he set a track record, and he kept getting faster from there. Learn about his achievements on the racetrack and breeding barn. Mr Bar None joined his sire as a member of the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame in 2014.

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