Cloning Lawsuit Update

AQHA appreciates the support of other breed organizations in the effort to have the final judgement reversed.

The American Quarter Horse Association

AQHA provides the latest updates on the cloning lawsuit.

The American Quarter Horse Association filed its appellate brief in the cloning lawsuit with the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on December 26. Again, we are extremely pleased with the brief and look forward to presenting our case to the Fifth Circuit. The appellees’ response, subject to any request for extension, is due January 28. Thereafter, we will have 14 days to file a reply to appellees’ response. 

View a copy of AQHA’s Appellate Brief.

Also, we are pleased to have the support of other breed organizations in our effort to have the final judgment reversed. On January 2, several groups filed an Amici Curiae Brief asking the Fifth Circuit to reverse the district court’s judgment and render a verdict in favor of AQHA. The Amici Curiae group includes the following organizations:

  • American Kennel Club
  • American Morgan Horse Association
  • American Paint Horse Association
  • Appaloosa Horse Club
  • Arabian Horse Association
  • The Cat Fanciers’ Association Inc.
  • The Jockey Club
  • Pinto Horse Association
  • U.S. Trotting Association

AQHA appreciates the support of these organizations and believes that the issues presented in the case are important to us all, especially when it comes to the right of our members, committees and boards to determine rules that govern our associations.

View a copy of Amici Curiae Brief.

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